Apple is dropping something big

Plus, look at what animals see.
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Gamer Trivia:

How many streamers are on the popular game-streaming platform Twitch?

Hint: totally different than YouTube.


(Scroll to the bottom for the answer!)

Why NASA is watching where Idaho’s parachuting beavers landed | Atlas Obscura

“For decades, people have gone out of their way to move beavers across great distances. Today’s preferred methods — hiking, humping, and horseback rides — are an improvement over 1948, when beavers were parachuted out of planes in Idaho. … However, the reason behind all of this shuttling beavers around has completely reversed since the 1940s. Then, they were being sent to remote locations because humans didn’t want them around. Today, in Idaho, Utah, and other sites, they’re being brought back. Beavers are ecosystem engineers — and the ecosystems they create happen to be key to limiting wildfires and managing drought conditions.”

StackSocial - Get a MacBook [Partner]

Big tech companies keep churning out new versions of the same devices and throwing insanely high price tags on them. If you’re a tech snob, by all means, go get the “latest and greatest.” But if you’re an average user who just needs a laptop for work and play, refurbished tech is your best bet. You can save hundreds on a like-new MacBook Pro and still get all the features you’d want in a computer: fast processing, good battery life, and sufficient storage. This one is grade “B” which means it’ll have a clear screen and no performance issues, but maybe a scuff or two on the exterior (and really, you’re going to cover it with stickers or a case anyway, right?). Get yours while they’re still on sale for only $430. [Ad]

Apple thinks iOS 18 might be the 'biggest' iOS update ever | 9to5 Mac

“Back in November, Bloomberg reported that Apple was hoping iOS 18 could be its most ‘ambitious and compelling’ update in years. In the latest edition of his Power On newsletter published Sunday, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says that sentiment hasn’t changed. In addition to the major new AI features, Gurman says ‘there’s a lot more’ coming to the iPhone with iOS 18. ‘Apple’s head of software engineering, Craig Federighi, told employees last year that the OS — codenamed Crystal — will have ambitious changes all around,’ Gurman reports.”

Instagram launches live test of new Flipside alternative engagement space | Social Media Today

“After experimenting with it over the past few months, Instagram has now rolled out its new ‘Flipside’ alternative profile option to a small subset of users. … It’s another way for IG to lean into more private sharing, which has been a key trend of note in social apps of late. Fewer people are now posting to their public feeds, with more preferring to maintain smaller, closer knit engagement communities, which Instagram, in particular, has noted as a significant shift.”

Noom - Keep your mind & body in shape – Start your Free Trial with Noom today [Partner]

Noom is for the discerning individual (aka, you) who likes their food like their facts — straightforward and without a side of nonsense. Following the latest in behavioral science, Noom empowers its users to take control of their health for good. That’s right. No more fad diets or resolutions that don’t make it past January, just real results that come from a proven combination of psychology, technology, and human coaching. Join today and get matched with a team of real coaches who will provide you all the support you need to start making healthier lifestyle choices. It’s like having a best friend who will keep you accountable but will never judge for an impromptu pizza night. [Ad]

Camera captures the world as animals see it, with up to 99% accuracy | New Atlas

“It’s easy to forget that most animals don’t see the world the way humans do. In fact, with infrared and ultraviolet sight, many animals experience a world that is completely invisible to us. Now, however, scientists have developed hardware and software that allows you to capture footage as if it was filmed through the eyes of animals such as honeybees and birds.”

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The answer: over 10 million

The answer: over 10 million

According to the Tech Jury website: “As of May 2023, Twitch has over 10 million streamers. The popularity of e-sports has swept over the entire world, allowing gaming influencers to play video games and earn a full-time income from their hobby. This platform is worth paying attention to, especially for brands, as the daily audience figure is 15 million.”