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Plus, spilling the tea.
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Welcome To The Futurist
Welcome To The Futurist

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Civilization Trivia:

How long have humans been drinking tea?

No, Freddie Mercury didn’t invent the drink just so he could sing about it in The Miracle.


(Scroll to the bottom for the answer!)

South Korea’s artificial sun is cooking 100-million-degree plasma | Gizmodo

“The Korea Institute of Fusion Energy has installed a new diverter in the KSTAR tokamak, allowing the artificial sun to sustain high-ion temperatures exceeding 100 million degrees Celsius for longer. … KSTAR uses a diverter, which sits at the bottom of the tokamak and manages waste gas exhaust and impurities from the reactor. The diverter is a plasma-facing component, meaning it sits within the tokamak and bears the full brunt of the internal surface heat. Currently, KSTAR is capable of plasma operations for about 30 seconds; scientists hope that the new diverter will allow plasma operations for 300-second periods by the end of 2026.”

Promix Nutrition - no artificial anything [Partner]

Trusted by top athletes like Odell Beckham Jr, Kira Stokes, and Kelly Mathews, Promix makes the cleanest supplements on the market. Customize your stack to enhance recovery, boost focus, fix your gut, or improve your overall wellbeing with their wide range of products. And rest assured that no matter what Promix products you try, they have been third-party tested to ensure that they contain ZERO artificial ingredients, fillers, or GMOs. Futurist readers get 20% off with code FUTURIST20. [Ad]

The best ways to use the new Microsoft Copilot AI app | Lifehacker

“Originally called Bing Chat and acting as an extension of Microsoft's search engine, the Microsoft AI chatbot has since been rebranded as Copilot. Copilot is quickly finding its way into Windows 11 and various other Microsoft products, and we now have a standalone app to make use of. It's essentially a spin-off of the Bing app on iOS and Android, with the main AI chatbot functions retained and some of the other Bing extras (like news and shopping deals). Microsoft first launched the app on Android, but shipped the iOS version three days later.”

7 productivity hacks for 2024 | Entrepreneur

“Good news: There are usually 8,760 hours in a year. In 2024, there will be 8,784 hours — that means you'll get an extra 24 hours. How do you ensure that bonus time — and all time — are spent more wisely? To help offer some practical tips to make 2024 your most productive year ever, I spoke to Laura Vanderkam, a productivity guru, podcaster, and author of several bestselling books on the topic.”

StackSocial - From chaos to clarity: why your team desperately needs Visio [Partner]

Oh, the joy of office meetings, right? Especially when they involve deciphering tangled flowcharts that look like a toddler's art project. Enter Microsoft Visio, the superhero your workplace desperately needs. With Visio, creating mind-blowingly clear and professional diagrams becomes as easy as pie (and who doesn't love pie?). Gone are the days of squinting at messy, hand-drawn process maps: With a few clicks, you can whip up diagrams that make you look like a strategic genius, even if you're just figuring it out as you go. Say goodbye to confusing presentations and hello to crystal-clear visuals that will have your team thinking you're the Da Vinci of data. [Ad]

'Super Mario Bros. Wonder' is what happens when devs have time to play | Wired

“When the team behind Super Mario Bros. Wonder was in the prototyping stage of the game, it had no due date. ‘I wanted to prevent people from saying, we won’t make that deadline, so that’s why we didn’t do it — we can’t do it,’ producer Takashi Tezuka says. For the game’s director, Shiro Mouri, it was a very clear, and very positive, sign. They did not intend to make this game halfway.”

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The answer: Since about 2800 B.C.

The answer: Since about 2800 B.C.

According to the Smithsonian website: “Legend has it that the beverage was discovered by Chinese emperor Shen Nung around 2800 B.C., when some leaves from the tea plant fell into the water that servants were boiling for him. While the story may be apocryphal, there is no doubt about tea's influence on China's social and cultural fabric. Over successive centuries, poets and musicians extolled its benefits, potters fashioned implements for its consumption and artists painted idyllic scenes of tea partaking. In 780 A.D., the Buddhist-educated scholar Lu Yu penned Ch'a Ching, a comprehensive work on cultivating, brewing and drinking tea that became the standard for tea ceremonies in other Asian countries, especially Japan.”