Rare twin solar flares cause a radio blackout

Plus, still waiting on that ol' Apple Car.
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Civilization Trivia:

What is the most expensive violin?

Hint: Not the one played by Chevalier de Saint-Georges (in the movie Chevalier), but pretty close.


(Scroll to the bottom for the answer!)

Gene therapy administered via virus cures deafness in 11-year-old boy | Neoscope

“An 11-year-old boy with congenital deafness can now hear sound after he received groundbreaking gene therapy that replaces a mutated gene with the correct version, The New York Times reports. ‘There’s no sound I don’t like,’ said the boy Aissam Dam via interpreters to the NYT. ‘They’re all good.’”

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Google shows off Lumiere, a space-time diffusion model for realistic AI videos | Venture Beat

“As more and more enterprises continue to double down on the power of generative AI, organizations are racing to build more competent offerings for them. Case in point: Lumiere, a space-time diffusion model proposed by researchers from Google, Weizmann Institute of Science and Tel Aviv University to help with realistic video generation. The researchers claim the model takes a different approach from existing players and synthesizes videos that portray realistic, diverse and coherent motion – a pivotal challenge in video synthesis.”

Apple's electric vehicle delayed at least four more years | Popular Science

“Apple’s long-delayed autonomous electric vehicle endeavor just got pushed back even further. According to a new report from Bloomberg, any chance of finally seeing a glimpse of the tech company’s top secret Project Titan car won’t happen until at least 2028, around two years later than Apple’s last estimated release window. Apple’s vehicular aims date all the way back to at least 2014, when rumors of a project codenamed Titan or T172 first began circulating. … Even then, however, expectations for an industry redefining moment on par with the iPhone’s introduction have allegedly continued to temper over the subsequent years — despite being ‘one of the company’s most expensive research and development projects for the better part of a decade,’ reported Bloomberg.”

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Near-simultaneous solar flares explode from opposite sides of the sun in extremely rare event | Live Science

“A pair of powerful solar flares recently exploded ‘almost simultaneously’ from two different sunspots located on opposite hemispheres of our star. The extremely rare phenomenon, known as a sympathetic solar flare, is another reminder that we are fast approaching the explosive peak in the sun's 11-year cycle, known as the solar maximum. … The flares had a combined power equivalent to a M5.1 magnitude flare, the second most powerful class of flare the sun can produce. The erupting twin flares also launched a wave of high-energy particles toward Earth that triggered a 30-minute radio blackout above Indonesia and parts of Australia when it slammed into our planet's magnetic field.”

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The answer: The Messiah by Antonio Stradivari

The answer: The Messiah by Antonio Stradivari

According to the Violinspiration website: “The Messiah violin by Antonio Stradivari is estimated to have a value of $20 million, which makes it the most expensive violin in the world. It is a violin made in 1716 and is labeled ‘as new’ condition. Violinists such as Nathan Milstein and Joseph Joachim have played the Messiah Stradivarius. It is currently part of an exhibition at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford.”