You can now ride your own iconic Akira bike

Plus, long live rock 'n roll...?
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Culture Trivia:

How long was Jimi Hendrix' Electric Lady Studios in operation?

Hint: it opened in the 1970s.


(Scroll to the bottom for the answer!)

ESA discovers mountain of water ice under Martian equator | Extreme Tech

“The Mars of today is a rust-colored ball of dust, but it was not always so. Billions of years ago, Mars was temperate and wet, not unlike a primordial Earth. Scientists have found some of that missing water hiding around the planet, but the European Space Agency (ESA) says it may have found the largest store of water ice on Mars yet. A region near Mars' equator appears to contain massive deposits of ice extending more than two miles below the surface.”

StackSocial - Your personal stock market guru [Partner]

Wanna learn a thing or two about stocks? Tykr can get you there. More than just a stock screener, this app is your crystal ball into the world of investing, giving you insight on 30,000+ U.S. and international stocks while teaching you the basics of risk management. Plus, you’ll get a free beginner’s course on all things stock investing. Learn when to buy, when to sell, and when to wait — and start playing the stock market with the confidence of a Silicon Valley tycoon. [Ad]

Sam Altman says ChatGPT can’t be your girlfriend | Gizmodo

“This month, OpenAI launched what it calls the GPT Store, a platform where developers can sell custom-built AI apps and tools. The millions of GPTs on offer include games, productivity helpers, graphic design tools, tools for specific writing projects, and more. One thing OpenAI doesn’t want you to find, however, is an AI girlfriend. … People really want AI romance bots, and developers really want to sell them. But rather than embrace the world of digital love, Sam Altman’s company is trying to snuff it out. Or, to be more specific, OpenAI has a no-AI girlfriend policy — one that the company isn’t really enforcing.”

Post-apocalyptic dream ride made real in the striking Akira electric moto | New Atlas

“Since the latter half of 2022, Barcelona-based upcycler and art studio Bel&Bel has been building a hybrid electric replica of an iconic motorcycle featured in a dystopian manga classic. Now a limited fully electric model is in the works, and it's being made available to fans. … The latest functional replica is being custom built from scratch, and will be produced in a limited build-to-order series for €24,000 (about US$26,000).”

StackSocial - A new solution for old cars [Partner]

Your early 00s car has charm, but it’s missing all those modern perks that make car rides easier, safer, and more enjoyable. You could spend thousands trading your car in for a newer model, or you could spend just over $100 decking it out with a touchscreen dash display and a rear camera. Upgrade your ride with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities for more seamless navigation, parking assistance (let’s face it, you probably need it), and easier music and calling controls. Who knows? It might just make your old set of wheels pass for a Tesla.  [Ad]

These tiny 'power plants' use the wind and rain to generate electricity | Interesting Engineering

“Researchers have unveiled a development in the realm of renewable energy with the creation of artificial "power plants," according to a new study published in ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering. … Unlike solar panels that become ineffective after sunset or wind turbines that depend on breezy conditions, the newly developed technology can simultaneously harness energy from various renewable sources.’”

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The answer: It is still recording world-class musicians

The answer: It is still recording world-class musicians

According to the Electric Lady Studios website: “In 1968, Jimi Hendrix and his manager Michael Jeffery bought a newly defunct nightclub called The Generation … in New York’s Greenwich Village — a venue that Hendrix had frequented for impromptu performances and late-night jam sessions. … Instead of renaming the club and continuing with the live venue business model (Jimi’s original vision for the project), advisors Eddie Kramer and Jim Marron convinced Hendrix to convert the space into a professional recording studio. … It is the oldest working and thriving recording studio in New York City.”