Deep-diving robot discovers a bunch of new species

Plus, it's time to think about Leap Year again.
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Welcome To The Futurist
Welcome To The Futurist

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Gravitational pull of half a sand grain measured in physics breakthrough | New Atlas

“The weak gravitational pull on a particle just half the mass of a grain of sand has been measured for the first time. This most precise measurement of its kind is a breakthrough towards the quantum realm and a potential Theory of Everything. Of the universe’s four fundamental forces – gravity, electromagnetism, and the strong and weak nuclear forces – gravity is the one we’re most familiar with in everyday life, but it’s actually the only one that we can’t currently explain using the Standard Model of particle physics, our best system for describing the universe. Finding a way to jam it in there would achieve a Holy Grail of science.”

Hims - Nervous to talk about ED? We’re not [Partner]

Some things in life are just awkward. Like the doctor’s office waiting room or talking to a pharmacist about… you know… that thing you’re getting a prescription for. Hims simplifies your health care, offering a range of personalized treatments for ED that’s 100% online and private. Get a virtual consultation with a licensed provider in any state and discrete and free shipping if prescribed. Starting at just $2/day, Hims’ treatment options are your low-key solution to high-key problems. [Ad]

See the strange new species discovered near Chile — with the help of a deep-diving sea robot | Popular Science

“Our oceans are vast and discovering new and lost species are among some of the most exciting discoveries in the big blue. An international team of scientists may have found more than 100 new species, during a mission to explore seamounts off the coast of Chile. These creatures who look like they come from a sci-fi novel call the 1,800-mile-long Salas y Gómez Ridge home.”

Police called after AI-generated "Willy Wonka Experience" is a sad mess in real life | Futurism

“An event described as a ‘Willy Wonka Experience’ in Scotland descended into chaos after furious parents called the cops, telling organizers they'd been duped. … Perhaps unsurprisingly, the actual event didn't manage to get anywhere near the fantastical landscapes dreamed up by an AI image generator in marketing materials. In reality, photos show a depressing warehouse sparsely populated by cheap-looking, larger-than-life objects, as well as folding tables and benches.”

Rad AI - Robots are the future: Either join the AI revolution or miss out [Partner]

In the future where the world is run by AI and robots, you don’t want to look back and regret not having hopped on the trend sooner. RAD Ai is your chance to take part in a groundbreaking movement for both AI and content marketing. The revolutionary tech is designed to better connect brands with their customers, giving them tools for more impactful messaging that can boost ROI on all their social content efforts. Impressive, right? Their 6,500+ backers certainly think so; that’s including VCs, Fortune 500 execs, and just smart investors… like you. Want to miss out on the future of AI? Go ahead and keep scrolling. But since you’re still reading, you may as well see what the buzz is all about, and get yourself some shares and bonus shares before their fundraising round ends. [Ad]

Why do we leap day? We remind you (so you can forget for another 4 years) | NPR

“Nearly every four years, the Gregorian calendar — which is used in the majority of countries around the world — gets an extra day: February 29. Leap day means several different things to Alexander Boxer, a data scientist and the author of A Scheme of Heaven: The History of Astrology and the Search for Our Destiny in Data. ‘I think the significance of the leap year is that it's a great reminder that the universe is really good at defying our attempts to devise nice and pretty and aesthetically pleasing systems to fit it in.’”

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