JWST captures two neutron stars forging gold

Plus, robot food.
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Doctors concerned about Neuralink's first patient | Neoscope

“Neuralink founder Elon Musk claimed this week that the first human to receive one of his company's heavily scrutinized brain implants was already able to control a mouse cursor with their mind. The only problem? Since then, Neuralink hasn't shared any evidence supporting that claim — and medical researchers are starting to call its bluff.”

Rad AI - The future of AI and content strategizing needs you [Partner]

Did you know that over 25 billion pieces of social media content is exchanged daily? That’s… a lot. And in a world where social posts are a brand’s direct line to their customers, it’s pretty important that they’ve got a solid grip on their content strategizing. The only problem? A lot of brands don’t. RAD Ai is not only paving the way for better content creation, they’re on the threshold of a groundbreaking AI advancement. They have $27M invested and over 6,000 backers, including VCs and execs from Google and Amazon… and now, maybe you, too. If you want to be part of the future of AI, this is it. [Ad]

James Webb Space Telescope finds neutron star mergers forge gold in the cosmos: 'It was thrilling' | Space.com

“Scientists have analyzed an unusually long blast of high-energy radiation, known as a gamma-ray burst (GRB), and determined that it originated from the collision of two ultradense neutron stars. And, importantly, this result helped the team observe a flash of light emanating from the same event that confirms these mergers are the sites that create elements like gold. The observations, made using the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) and the Hubble Space Telescope, allowed scientists to see gold and heavy elements forged, which could help us better understand how these powerful neutron star merger events generate the only environments in the universe turbulent enough to create elements heavier than iron.”

MWC 2024: 3 wildest tech that made our jaws drop | Mashable

“MWC 2024 is on fire this year, showcasing some of the most out-this-world tech we've ever seen. Whether it's a bizarre foldable, an eccentric AI gizmo, or an outlandish laptop, here are the wildest tech we've spotted at MWC 2024 so far.”

StackSocial - Why are you still paying recurring cloud storage fees? [Partner]

There’s a good reason people don’t really use hard drives anymore, but they did have one perk: you only had to pay for them once. These days, cloud storage has taken the cake, and for obvious reasons like easy file access and management. But monthly fees keep it from being an affordable option. Koofr lets you pay once and keep 1 TB (aka, a ton of space) for life. You’ll get all those file organization perks plus easy connectivity with existing Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon, and OneDrive accounts, but without any recurring fees. Use code KOOFR to get it for $140 for life. [Ad]

We ate at Kernel, NYC’s new robot-run fast food joint | The Takeout

“It was always only a matter of time before our fast food restaurants resemble every science fiction story ever written. It’s already become the norm for these establishments to replace human cashiers with kiosks that are usually out of order, but at Kernel, the latest concept from Chipotle founder Steve Ells, robots perform the work of making the food, too.”

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