VR is not just for good, clean fun

Plus, indie games you need from Steam.
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Civilization Trivia:

When was spray paint invented?

Hint: Before the 1970s.


(Scroll to the bottom for the answer!)

Rocket Lab is getting closer to achieving rocket reusability | Gizmodo

“Rocket Lab kicked off the year with the launch and recovery of its Electron rocket as part of the company’s continued efforts to reuse its small launch vehicle’s first stage. … The company had initially come up with a much more daring plan to recover its boosters, catching the rockets with a helicopter mid-air as they descended towards the ocean with the help of a parachute to slow down their speed. The helicopter is then meant to safely transport the boosters to shore. In a disappointing turn of events, Rocket Lab opted to give up on the elaborate, and honestly just super cool, way to recover its boosters after two back-to-back failures.”

StackSocial - How’s that monthly storage subscription working for you? [Partner]

Even though it feels like Christmas was just a week ago, it’s already time to start thinking about gifts again: this time, for Valentine’s Day. If you want to get a gift that’s classic but not as basic as chocolate, and you want it to be in the right price range, consider this the perfect deal. Get a digital voucher to Rose Farmers to redeem on their site for two dozen long-stem roses. Yep — that’s 24 handpicked, colorful, farm-fresh roses delivered right to your amour’s door. It’s only $50 with free shipping included, making it possibly the easiest and most affordable V-Day gift out there. Just remember to place your order by 2/6 for on-time delivery by 2/14.  [Ad]

People are having sex in VR using Bluetooth sex toys | Mashable

“You load into a public VR world. At first, things seem pretty innocent — until you enter the sauna only a few steps away from the spawn point. … There are dedicated games for people to have sex in virtual reality, such as VirtaMate and AnthroHeat, but more often than not people are getting intimate on the metaverse social platform VRChat. Here, players are able to join over 25,000 community created worlds, most of which are innocent hangout spots while others are a breeding ground for horny gamers. … A majority of VRChat ERPers, however, take it a step further by using Bluetooth sex toys to simulate what appears on screen. Mashable spoke with creators of tools that make this possible, as well as ERPers who utilize this technology to explore their sexuality.”

Gravity helps show strong force strength in the proton | Phys.org

“The power of gravity is writ large across our visible universe. It can be seen in the lock step of moons as they circle planets; in wandering comets pulled off-course by massive stars; and in the swirl of gigantic galaxies. These awesome displays showcase gravity's influence at the largest scales of matter. Now, nuclear physicists are discovering that gravity also has much to offer at matter's smallest scales.”

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8 must-play indie gems from Steam's Storyteller’s Festival sale | Kotaku

“It seems like there is always some great sale or bundle on Steam filled with great games. The ubiquitous PC games storefront is best known for its seasonal sales that offer some of the biggest games at huge discounts. … The latest is The Storyteller’s Festival 2024, an event organized by indie developer Two and a Half Studios that highlights narrative-focused indie titles. The festival runs until February 4 and includes a plethora of sales on some hidden gems. … Here’s eight picks for the narrative-driven games you should snatch up on Steam before the event’s end.”

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The answer: The late 1800s

The answer: The late 1800s

According to the DC Paint Solutions website: “The first concept of what we now recognise as a spray can originated in France during the 19th Century, when self-pressurised beverages were introduced to the consumer market. Concepts of modern metal spray cans began to be tested during 1862, however these early cans did not enjoy success due to being too bulky. Over the next century the modern aerosol spray paint can began its rise. In 1899 and inventor duo, Helbling and Pertsch, gained a patent for a pressurised aerosol which utilised methyl and ethyl chloride as propellants. However it was not until 1927 that the first modern aerosol spray can was introduced to the world. The concept was patented by the Norwegian engineer Erik Rotheim, his patented aerosol can was the first which contained a valve which could hold and dispense products and propellant systems. This was arguably the forebear of the modern spray can, and in 1998 the Norwegian Post Office released a stamp to celebrate the invention of the spray can.”