Don’t panic, but the ocean is extremely hot

Plus, parkour robo-dogs.
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Welcome To The Futurist
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Global ocean heat has hit a new record every single day for the last year | CNN

“The world’s oceans have now experienced an entire year of unprecedented heat, with a new temperature record broken every day, new data shows. Global ocean surface temperatures started breaking daily records in mid-March last year, according to data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the University of Maine’s Climate Reanalyzer, fueling concerns for marine life and extreme weather across the planet. ‘The amplitude by which previous sea surface temperature records were beaten in 2023, and now again in 2024, is remarkable,’ said Joel Hirschi, associate head of marine systems modeling at the National Oceanography Centre in the UK.”

Hims - Nervous to talk about ED? We’re not | [Partner]

Some things in life are just awkward. Like the doctor’s office waiting room or talking to a pharmacist about… you know… that thing you’re getting a prescription for. Hims simplifies your health care, offering a range of personalized treatments for ED that’s 100% online and private. Get a virtual consultation with a licensed provider in any state and discrete and free shipping if prescribed. Starting at just $2/day, Hims’ treatment options are your low-key solution to high-key problems. [Ad]

‘Parkour’ robot dog can leap, jump, and crawl its way through complex obstacle courses | Popular Science

“A new wall-scaling robot is pushing the boundary of what these quadrupeds are capable of, and it’s doing so with a bit of flair. Researchers from ETH Zurich are trying to close the mobility gap between robots and animals with a new highly mobile robot capable of running, jumping, and crawling its way through obstacle courses. The researchers, who published their findings in Science Robotics this week, set out to teach ANYmal, a 100-pound quadruped robot made by the firm ANYbotics, how to mimic human ‘freerunners’ who engage in an underground sport referred to by many as ‘parkour.’”

Doing your taxes? Steer clear of these AI scams | PCMag

“Every year, the need to file taxes and pay what you owe turns you into a prime target for social engineering scams. Now, there's a new threat: AI-generated deepfakes that mimic a real person's body language, face, and voice, often with alarming accuracy. In a recent example, most of the adults surveyed in a study from Variety and HarrisX were fooled by videos generated using OpenAI's Sora.”

StackSocial - The storage plan to end all storage plans [Partner]

Tired of cloud storage services that promise the moon but deliver a meteorite? (We’re looking at you, monthly plans.) Lifetime offers are where it’s at when it comes to digital storage. With Internxt, you only pay once, and it’s a pretty solid deal for a massive 2TB of space. It comes with all the perks you’d expect in a storage app — intuitive interface, solid encryption, and easy connectivity — but minus the big price tag. Ditch the recurring fees and get yourself set up with a lifetime cloud solution that you can feel about. [Ad]

Marvel's TV head explains why now is the time for X-Men's '90s throwback | Gizmodo

“The ‘90s reshaped the X-Men not just across comics — where they, with new teams, new styles, and new directions for this bigger, bolder age of x-cess, shot to heights of popularity the franchise had never seen before — but for the first time in mediums beyond the page…. Marvel has returned to this definitive period over and over in an attempt to entice the legacy of the ‘90s and its various X-Fandoms back to the source material.”

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