Hey cosmic lady… how YOU doin’?

Plus, detecting AI fake images.
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Welcome To The Futurist
Welcome To The Futurist

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Supermassive tension measured between the heaviest cosmic couple | New Atlas

“At some point we’ve all regretted taking too long to make a move on that special someone, but at least there’s comfort knowing we didn’t take a quarter of all time that’s ever passed. That’s how long the sexual tension has been building between two slow-dancing supermassive black holes, whose eventual congress could rock the entire universe.”

Hims - Custom ED treatments? They exist, and they’re affordable | [Partner]

Erectile dysfunction is hard. Or, well, it isn’t hard, and that’s the problem. Hims makes men’s healthcare private and affordable — the way it should be. Forget about doctor’s offices or awkward convos with the pharmacist. Talk to licensed medical providers virtually through Hims, get prescriptions mailed to you in discreet packaging, and be sex-ready 24/7 for as little as $2/day. [Ad]

Whispered dreams: How relaxing words tune our heartbeat to sleep | Earth.com

“Researchers have discovered that our bodies remain attuned to the external environment even as we sleep, reacting positively to relaxing words spoken to the brain during deep stages of slumber. This revelation was unveiled in a fascinating study conducted by the GIGA – Center of Research Cyclotron (GIGA-CRC) at the University of Liège, in collaboration with the University of Fribourg, Switzerland. Their study challenges the long-held belief that sleep disconnects us from our surroundings, highlighting the intricate ways in which sensory information can influence the quality of our rest.”

A rejected NASA prototype inspired Omega’s white Speedmaster Moonwatch | Wired

“Eagerly awaited by die-hard Omega fans since the watch was spotted on Daniel Craig’s wrist at a New York exhibition in November 2023, Omega has finally unveiled a new version of its famous Speedmaster Moonwatch chronograph. It is the first of the current generation with a white dial, a high-contrast alternative to the classic black aesthetic. Crucially, it also follows in the footsteps of some of Omega’s most experimental vintage Speedmasters.”

Rad AI - Robots are the future: Either join the AI revolution or miss out [Partner]

In the future where the world is run by AI and robots, you don’t want to look back and regret not having hopped on the trend sooner. RAD AI is your chance to take part in a groundbreaking movement for both AI and content marketing. The revolutionary tech is designed to better connect brands with their customers, giving them tools for more impactful messaging that can boost ROI on all their social content efforts. Impressive, right? Their 6,500+ backers certainly think so; that’s including VCs, Fortune 500 execs, and just smart investors… like you. Want to miss out on the future of AI? Go ahead and keep scrolling. But since you’re still reading, you may as well see what the buzz is all about, and get yourself some shares and bonus shares before their fundraising round ends. [Ad]

How to detect AI-generated images | PCMag

“You can no longer believe your own eyes, even when it seems clear that the pope is sporting a new puffer. AI images have quickly evolved from laughably bizarre to frighteningly believable, and there are big consequences to not being able to tell authentically created images from those generated by artificial intelligence. AI tools to create images — those images you can conjure in your mind but not necessarily execute through traditional media such as photography and painting — are easily accessible and either free or low-cost. … These text-to-image generators work in a matter of seconds, but the damage they can do is lasting, from political propaganda to deepfake porn.’”

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