This reusable space capsule lands itself back to earth safely

Plus, the most epic library.
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Welcome To The Futurist
Welcome To The Futurist

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Watch the plasma fly in space capsule's dramatic fall to Earth | Popular Science

“It took less than 30 minutes for Varda Space Industries’ W-1 capsule to leave its orbital home of eight months and plummet back to Earth. Such a short travel time not only required serious speed (around 25 times the speed of sound), but also the engineering wherewithal to endure ‘sustained plasma conditions’ while careening through the atmosphere. In spite of these challenges, Varda’s first-of-its-kind reentry mission was a success, landing back on the ground on February 21. To celebrate, the company has released video footage of the capsule’s entire descent home. Check out W-1’s fiery return — available as both abbreviated and extended cuts.”

Rad AI - Meet the AI that’s revolutionizing content marketing [Partner]

No human could ever analyze 90 billion social media engagements at once. But AI can. RAD Ai is a revolutionary new tool that provides brands with data-driven, unbiased insights to help them grow their audiences authentically. The award-winning tech has caught the attention of execs at Google, Amazon, and Meta, garnering $27 million in funding. And if big shots like that believe in this groundbreaking AI, shouldn’t you? Join today with share prices at just $0.38 and get 20% bonus shares if you invest before they reach the $250K mark. [Ad]

The US buried nuclear waste abroad. climate change could unearth it | Wired

“In Greenland, chemical pollution and radioactive liquid are frozen in ice sheets, left over from a nuclear power plant on a US military research base where scientists studied the potential to install nuclear missiles. The report didn’t specify how or where nuclear contamination could migrate in the Pacific or Greenland, or what if any health risks that might pose to people living nearby. However, the authors did note that in Greenland, frozen waste could be exposed by 2100.”

Massive library showcases indoor mountains and valleys | New Atlas

“Described as the world's largest climatized reading space by architect Snøhetta, the huge Beijing City Library forms an artificial forested landscape within China's capital. The building's interior is conceived as terraced hills and a valley, and is designed to make visitors feel like they're sitting under trees as they read. The Beijing City Library is located in the burgeoning Tongzhou District and measures 75,000 sq m (over 800,000 sq ft). Structurally, it features a glazed exterior enclosing dozens of columns shaped to resemble ginkgo trees, and a forest canopy-like roof that features skylights. In a neat touch, its interior layout actually follows the course of a nearby river.”

StackSocial - Stop lying on your resume. Get MS Office and learn it for good [Partner]

We’ve all done it. Written on our resumes “proficient in Microsoft Office Suite” when we didn’t actually mean it. Because there’s a difference between being familiar — that is, knowing how to move things around in Excel or make basic PowerPoints — and being skilled. Now, you can get the whole 7-app 2019 MS Office suite that you brag about in interviews on your PC for just $50, and you’ll get courses to help you back up all your claims. Learn the ins and outs of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook and finally become that proficient pro you keep saying you are. [Ad]

Google announces new Chrome features that trigger your FOMO | Mashable

“Google has three new Chrome features designed to make suggestions more helpful. Last Thursday, the tech giant announced a new way to trigger your FOMO. Plus, Google is enhancing its image search and allowing users to access suggestions despite having a poor connection.”

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