Your car is a big tattle-tale

Plus, mystery-solving barnacles.
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Welcome To The Futurist
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Lenovo creates 6-legged daystar GS robot for 'comprehensive data collection' | PCMag

“The new robot appears to be Lenovo's latest iteration of its Daystar bot announced in 2020. While the new GS version hasn't been announced anywhere on Lenovo's website or social media accounts, the robot won a 2024 IF design award, whose website offers a few details. … ‘The groundbreaking six-legged design guarantees unmatched stability and maneuverability that surpasses traditional robotic platforms, allowing it to traverse diverse terrains with ease.’ … So just in case Lenovo's clear laptop didn't make you feel like you were living in a sci-fi movie, its six-legged robot might just do the trick.”

Rad AI - Sick of ads? Read this one to see how RAD AI is changing the game [Partner]

Some ads just suck. Not this one, of course. But most branded social content you scroll past on the day-to-day is just that: not scrolling-stopping. It’s because brands are lacking the right tools to connect them with the right audiences. That’s what RAD AI is setting out to fix. They’re making waves in the $633 billion marketing technology and data analytics industry with their groundbreaking AI that helps brands produce better, more meaningful content. The result? Happier customers and higher ROI. With $27 million already funded from over 6,500+ backers, it’s safe to say this is an AI advancement you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Join other early bird investors who are getting 15% bonus shares when they join the RAD AI movement. [Ad]

Cars are covertly tattling to insurance companies about your bad driving | Morning Brew

“As the MTV reality show Pimp My Ride made clear long ago, sometimes cars do too much. The New York Times reports that some car manufacturers share drivers’ data with insurance companies, sometimes without their knowledge, prompting another round of concerns about privacy and the auto industry. Several manufacturers, including General Motors, Honda, Kia, and Hyundai, allow drivers with internet-connected vehicles to opt in to programs that monitor their driving. The carmakers claim they have permission from drivers to collect data, but The NYT notes it’s often through the fine print that few read. And even when drivers knowingly opt in to data collection, they don’t always realize their data is being shared with a third party.”

The sea creatures that opened a new mystery about MH370 | NY Mag

“For the first year and a half after it vanished on March 8, 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 represented an unprecedented kind of aviation mystery, one whose only clues were a set of cryptic electronic signals suggesting the plane had crashed in the Indian Ocean west of Australia. Sixteen months later, in July 2015, a piece of its right wing called a flaperon washed ashore on the French island of Réunion, on the other side of the ocean. Here at last was physical evidence that the plane and its 239 souls really had flown into the remote southern patch of ocean and crashed. Better still, the flaperon carried with it evidence that may help locate the plane and solve the mystery once and for all: a population of gooseneck barnacles called Lepas anatifera.”

StackSocial - Oh sheet: The best bedding to get this spring | [Partner]

Spring cleaning is just around the corner, which means dusting, getting rid of old junk, opening the windows, and — for the love of all that is good — freshening up your bedspread. Seriously. When was the last time you got new sheets? Actually, that doesn’t even matter. What’s important is what your sheets are made of. Bamboo has long proven itself to be cotton’s bougier, more breathable cousin, boasting moisture-wicking but extremely soft characteristics that you won’t see in the average sheet set. Best of all, it’s not even that much more expensive than standard sheets. Freshen up your home and upgrade your bed with bamboo-blend sheets now for only $39. [Ad]

YouTube shares insights into how MrBeast’s team creates compelling thumbnail images | Social Media Today

“MrBeast, aka Jimmy Donaldson, has famously claimed to spend a heap of time on thumbnail and title creation to maximize viewership, paying, on average, around $10,000 per thumbnail for his clips, and generating up to 20 thumbnail variations for each upload. … The full interview includes a range of interesting insights, and is worth watching for YouTube creators. But it’s also 47 minutes long, so here’s the Cliffs Notes for those seeking thumbnail creation tips.”

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