If things weren’t bad enough, part of the universe is eroding

Plus, there's a new game for every work computer.
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Welcome To The Futurist
Welcome To The Futurist

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The mysterious ‘dark’ energy that permeates the universe is slowly eroding | Wired

“Physicists have deduced subtle hints that the mysterious ‘dark’ energy that drives the universe to expand faster and faster may be slightly weakening with time. It’s a finding that has the potential to shake the foundations of physics. ‘If true, it would be the first real clue we have gotten about the nature of dark energy in 25 years,’ said Adam Riess, an astrophysicist at Johns Hopkins University who won the Nobel Prize for co-discovering dark energy in 1998.”

Eli Motors - Your current car is killing the planet [Partner]

Sorry, there’s no easier way to say it than that. The truth is that there just aren’t that many perks to most American cars these days. They’re oversized. They’re expensive to own and maintain. And they’re awful for the environment. Eli Electric Vehicles is creating a new breed of micro-EVs that are everything but that. They’re compact, cost-effective, and eco-friendly vehicles that are changing the landscape of urban mobility for good. And with Eli Energy — their new solar-powered charging solutions launched in 2023 — they’re always innovating on new ways to keep the planet happy and keep you moving. Stake your claim in the greener driving game for just $9.80 per share and discover the exclusive investor perks! [Ad]

Makers of the world’s largest 3D printer just beat their own record | Popular Science

“At a reveal event earlier this week, UMaine designers at the Advanced Structures & Composite Center (ASCC) showed off their ‘Factory of the Future 1.0,’ aka the FoF 1.0. At four times the size of their previous Guinness World Record holder from 2019, MasterPrint, FoF 1.0 is capable of printing 96-by-32-by-18-foot tall structures and objects. Such sizable creations also require an impressive amount of building materials, however. According to its creators, FoF 1.0 can churn through upwards of 500-pounds of eco-friendly thermoplastic polymers per hour.”

Video of super-fast, super-smooth humanoid robot will drop your jaw | New Atlas

“While it seems that another humanoid robot is being released every week, we've yet to see one move as quickly or with as much precision as the model just released by Chinese company, Astribot. We dare you to not be impressed. … It's fast. It's precise. And it's unlike anything we've seen so far.”

Amazon Music - Isn't music supposed to transport you to another place? | [Partner]

Sometimes, it feels like your music is just background noise, lost in the shuffle of everyday life. But what if your tunes could truly take you somewhere? With Amazon Music Unlimited, it can. Dive into an ocean of 100 million ad-free songs and podcasts, navigate through your favorites with unlimited skips, and listen offline to keep your soundtrack going wherever you roam. And with HD and spatial audio, every note is basically a gateway to a new dimension. Ready to transform your music experience? Try it for free for three months and cancel anytime. [Ad]

'Fallout but in Excel' lets you visit the wasteland while your boss thinks you're working | Gizmodo

“If you thought that Excel spreadsheets were just for mind-numbing office work, think again. A gaming hobbyist has created an Excel-based RPG game that he based on the popular post-apocalyptic game Fallout. It’s the end of the world, all over again.”

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