Cicadas right now: “My biological clock is ticking!”

Plus, Mordor awaits.
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For cicadas, it's safety in numbers. Is climate change throwing off their timing? | NBC News

“This summer, the number of periodical cicadas is expected to be extra large, as two broods emerge at the same time. The last time these two emerged together was in 1803. … What’s more, scientists say they’ve noticed some changes in the insects’ rhythms, which has led to hypotheses that rising temperatures may be rewiring the internal clocks of some periodical cicadas. … Chris Simon (professor of ecology at University of Connecticut) has a theory about how climate change may be playing a role: She thinks rising temperatures are lengthening the growing seasons of the plants that cicadas feed on, supercharging the insects’ development underground. That, in turn, may cause many more ‘stragglers’ to emerge early. Eventually, she said, the entire population will adapt and shift timing”

Microsoft VisualStudio - You’re not perfect, but your coding could be [Partner]

You may think you are, but you’re far from perfect. It’s okay. We all make mistakes. And when it comes to coding, small whoopsies can make you facepalm and/or want to chuck your computer out the window. That’s why having a programming environment like Microsoft Visual Studio is key; it comes with an AI assistant, IntelliCode, that helps you complete lines or blocks of code for quicker, more efficient, and error-free coding. Think: less screaming at your computer and more seamless website, app, and game development for just $40. [Ad]

Urgent warning for anyone using scarily accurate “AI death calculator” | Metro

“Danish researchers unveiled the Life2vec AI chatbot in December. They said the program can accurately predict not only how long you’ll live, but also how rich you will be. Now, a number of copycat apps are appearing online that appear to be scams — while the original chatbot has not been released to the public. The team have put out a warning that scammers have created fraudulent websites imitating the chatbot which ‘have nothing to do with us and our work’.”

World-competitive escape rooms are darker, scarier, and more scientific | Atlas Obscura

“Escape rooms might seem like casual entertainment, but there’s actually science and a very serious global competition involved. Called Top Escape Rooms Project Enthusiasts’ Choice Awards (TERPECA), the competition gives annual awards for the best escape rooms in the world. … Lately, TERPECA-winning rooms have had a certain style, one that’s dark, gritty, and grim, say David and Lisa Spira, the couple behind the website Room Escape Artist. … ‘It’s somewhere between art and mad science,’ David says.”

Epilog - This retrofit could make a Corolla cooler than a Tesla | [Partner]

Self-driving cars aren’t exactly news anymore (we’re looking at you, Tesla), but they’re also not exactly realistic (again, cough, Tesla). Ditching your current ride for a smart EV isn’t just impractical; it’s way, way too expensive. Epilog is making automated cars a reality for everyone with its patented computer vision tech that brings self-driving capabilities to ordinary cars. With better image quality than other self-driving solutions, Epilog’s SideCar is the safest and most affordable option on the market. And now, you can join them by investing while they’re still in their early stages. [Ad]

The Lord of the Rings is returning to theaters with remastered and extended cuts | GameSpot

“The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy is returning to theaters, as Warner Bros. and Fathom Events have announced all three movies are screening again, but with a key change from previous theatrical re-releases. This will be the first time Peter Jackson's remastered versions of The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and Return of the King will be in theaters. They're also the extended editions. Jackson remastered his LOTR trilogy in 4K in 2020 and fans have been able to buy those movies and watch them at home, but soon they'll be in theaters again.”

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