No, that’s not the Death Star; it’s just a Dyson sphere

Plus, art made out of spite is the best kind of art.
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Welcome To The Futurist
Welcome To The Futurist

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We might finally know how the biggest Egyptian pyramids were built | Science Focus

“Egypt’s iconic pyramids have been a source of mystery and wonder for thousands of years, as experts have scrambled to understand how an ancient society could be capable of building such colossal structures. Archaeologists have uncovered a crucial piece of the construction puzzle – a long-lost branch of the Nile River, buried beneath desert sands for millennia, that could finally explain how the ancient Egyptians transported massive stones (some of which weigh upwards of 10 tons) to build these monuments.”

Epilog - Self-driving cars are here, and they’re actually affordable [Partner]

Driving was pretty cool when you were a teenager and first got your license. But at some point in the years of long road trips and traffic-jammed commutes, sitting behind the wheel lost its luster. You’ve probably thought to yourself more times than you can count: I wish this thing could drive itself. Well, now it can. And you don’t even need a brand-new car for it. Epilog’s SideCar is a retrofit that uses advanced computer vision technology to turn an ordinary ride into something straight out of the future. Investing in this early-stage tech pioneer means making self-driving cars an affordable reality not just for yourself — but, eventually, for everyone. [Ad]

Alien 'Dyson sphere' megastructures could surround at least seven stars in our galaxy, new studies suggest | Live Science

“The general idea is that technologically superior alien civilizations might build gigantic structures surrounding their home stars, or around black holes, in order to harness the objects' gargantuan energy output and further advance their civilizations. The most extreme version of these megastructures would be an enormous sphere that encapsulates an entire star, and lesser versions could include ring stations and swarms of gigantic mirrors. While scientists argue over the likelihood of a civilization ever becoming advanced enough to construct such behemothic structures, researchers think that if Dyson spheres do exist, we should probably be able to spot them.”

Dashlane - You’re wasting your time logging in each morning | [Partner]

Between all the passcodes, 2FA tokens, and passwords, how long does it take you to log in to all your accounts at work? And really, who has the time to deal with remembering — and occasionally forgetting and resetting — all those logins? You’ve got much more important business to attend to, and Dashlane gets that. That’s why they’ve created a comprehensive password manager that proactively saves and safeguards all your business credentials in one place. That way, you only have to log in once to access all your daily work apps and platforms. They’re already trusted by leading brands across the world including Sephora, Michelin, Pepsico, and BBC Studios, so why not check them out for your company? [Ad]

Dallas Love Field reaches carbon neutrality | Axios

“Dallas Love Field Airport is carbon neutral, after over a decade of reducing its emissions. The international Airport Carbon Accreditation program encourages airports to track and cut their emissions, tracking their progress over accreditation levels from 1–5. Love Field announced this week that it's reached Level 4, after establishing long-term plans for aligning with the Paris Agreement on climate action. Only five U.S. airports and two Texas airports — Love Field and DFW — have achieved level 4 or higher in the ACA program.”

TREBLAB - Whaaat? I can’t hear you over my new speaker | [Partner]

And no, I won’t turn down the volume. Not when I’m listening with 360° surround sound. With unparalleled audio quality, long battery life, and water resistance, this portable speaker from TREBLAB is your #1 sidekick for the summer. Get it now for just $100. [Ad]

Man strikes back against Seaside order with boat mural | KSBW

“A Seaside, CA man responded to a city letter ordering him to build a fence in front of his boat by painting a mural of the boat on the fence. … The city required him to build a 6-foot coverage screen in front of his boat. After discussing the plan with his artist neighbor, Etienne Constable said he decided to follow the letter of the law and build the fence, but with a lifelike painting of the boat on it.”

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