Vivo X70 Pro Plus Review | Best Camera Phone of 2021?

  • Vivo X70 Pro Plus Review | Best Camera Phone of 2021?

    Reviewing the Vivo X70 Pro Plus, one of the most premium Android smartphones of 2021, and the best camera phones around. I've been using this flagship as my personal handset all week and here's my verdict on the Vivo X70 Pro Plus, including gaming performance, battery life, the works.

    The highlight here is certainly that camera tech. Top-end hardware including a Samsung sensor, 5-axis gimbal stabilisation and Zeiss T* glass combine with the V1 image processing chip to produce some of the best photos and video I've captured this year. Performance is also superior to most smartphone rivals - the Vivo X70 Pro Plus can handle any Android game. Battery life is strong too, while the mighty display and stereo speakers are ideal for video.

    My complaints with this Vivo phone are few. FunTouch is not for everyone, while there's too much crapware piled on here. Plus, the lack of a headphone jack and expandable storage is a real shame.

    Vivo X70 Pro Plus Review Chapters:
    0:00 - Get on with it already
    0:46 - Design
    1:51 - FunTouch and features
    3:32 - Screen & audio
    4:57 - Performance & gaming
    5:48 - Battery life
    6:33 - Cameras
    9:25 - Verdict