A message for Gen Z that you should probably hear, too

Plus, fan convention sullies Pikachu's good name.
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Welcome To The Futurist
Welcome To The Futurist

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SpaceX launches 20 Starlink satellites, including 13 direct-to-cell craft (video) | Space.com

“SpaceX launched another batch of its Starlink internet satellites on Tuesday night (June 4), including 13 that can beam service directly to smartphones. The Starlink spacecraft took flight atop a Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida. The Falcon 9's first stage returned to Earth about 8.5 minutes after launch as planned, landing on the SpaceX droneship ‘Just Read the Instructions’ in the Atlantic Ocean.”

Epilog - Self-driving cars are here, and they’re actually affordable [Partner]

Driving was pretty cool when you were a teenager and first got your license. But at some point in the years of long road trips and traffic-jammed commutes, sitting behind the wheel lost its luster. You’ve probably thought to yourself more times than you can count: I wish this thing could drive itself. Well, now it can. And you don’t even need a brand-new car for it. Epilog’s SideCar is a retrofit that uses advanced computer vision technology to turn an ordinary ride into something straight out of the future. Investing in this early-stage tech pioneer means making self-driving cars an affordable reality not just for yourself — but, eventually, for everyone. [Ad]

What the mentality of the dotcom era can teach the AI generations | Entrepreneur

“The mentality of the dotcom era of the late 1990s and early 2000s was all about hard work, grit, and a willingness to prove ourselves. … In the last few years, however, I have seen a shift in mentality among the newest entrants to the workforce — many expect to walk straight into their ideal position from college. This generation is much farther ahead than we were because the technology pioneered in those days has long been embedded in our business practices. While important, this advantage alone will not set them up for success. For those building their career, brand, or business, marrying the mentality of the dotcom era with today's intelligence tools will take you further and faster than was possible in any previous era.”

Ranked: The cities with the best public parks | Axios

“Washington, D.C.; Minnesota's Twin Cities; and Irvine, California, have the best public park systems among the country's 100 most populous cities, according to a new report by the pro-park nonprofit Trust for Public Land (TPL). Residents in high-scoring cities are more socially connected with their neighbors, per the report — including those from other socioeconomic groups, with whom they might not otherwise commingle. … TPL views parks as an antidote to America's ‘fraying social fabric.’ ‘Parks remain a neutral public gathering place where community members can meet, collaborate, and become empowered,’ reads the report.”

Dashlane - You’re wasting your time logging in each morning | [Partner]

Between all the passcodes, 2FA tokens, and passwords, how long does it take you to log in to all your accounts at work? And really, who has the time to deal with remembering — and occasionally forgetting and resetting — all those logins? You’ve got much more important business to attend to, and Dashlane gets that. That’s why they’ve created a comprehensive password manager that proactively saves and safeguards all your business credentials in one place. That way, you only have to log in once to access all your daily work apps and platforms. They’re already trusted by leading brands across the world including Sephora, Michelin, Pepsico, and BBC Studios, so why not check them out for your company? [Ad]

This might be the fyre festival of Pokémon fan conventions | Kotaku

“This is what happened with Pokéverse, a fan-run convention in the Philippines meant to bring Pokémon fans together, which on paper, seems like an exciting event. It promised big guests, activities, and ‘officially licensed’ merchandise (though not specifically from The Pokémon Company). While some attendees have expressed satisfaction with the event on its official social media accounts, others have complained about poor organization, communication, and feeling underwhelmed by the event. Is it as bad as the Wonka Experience that went viral in February or the legendary Dashcon? That’s in the eye of the beholder. But it did sound like a rough time for several people who attended.”

How to create an ATS-friendly resume for job applications | StackSocial

You're on the job hunt. The internet is overwhelming with all of its postings, platforms, tools, rules, potentially great opportunities, and deafening silences. You might be asking yourself: Should I use AI to help me write my resume and cover letters? Do I need an ATS checker? What the heck even is an ATS? How do I maximize my exposure and use my time most efficiently? These are honestly great questions for job seekers to be asking in 2024. A lot of automation is happening on both ends of the hiring experience. It could be argued that the ATS is at the center of it all.

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