AI is coming to your iPhone (probably) very soon

Plus, what's the deal with lead paint?
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Welcome To The Futurist
Welcome To The Futurist

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All the AI features headed for iPhone, Mac, and iPad | Cult of Mac

“New artificial intelligence features are likely to make iOS 18, macOS 15, and iPadOS 18 the biggest upgrades to Apple’s platforms in many years. Leaks say there’ll be new AI features in most of Apple’s standard apps, helping users write, summarize information, clean up images, and more. Plus, Siri reportedly will get a significant intelligence upgrade.”

Dashlane - SOS — you need an SSO ASAP [Partner]

These days, everyone’s using two-factor authentication (2FA, if you’re savvy). And while it’s great for protecting all your accounts, it’s a huge pain when all of them require different authentication methods. Rather than clogging up your texts with random codes or downloading five different authentication apps, you could just get Dashlane and keep all your passwords and data protected in one place. Log into Dashlane with single sign-on (aka, SSO) and access multiple apps and platforms — from Google to Microsoft and more. Plus, all your info stays secure with top-of-the-line encryption, so you don’t have to remember it all. Try it out today for free. [Ad]

Zombie fires in the Arctic smolder underground and refuse to die – what’s causing them? | The Conversation

“So-called ‘zombie fires’ in the peatlands of Alaska, Canada and Siberia disappear from the Earth’s surface and smolder underground during the winter before coming back to life the following spring. These fires puzzle scientists because they appear in early May, way ahead of the usual fire season in the far north, and can reignite for a number of years. Most scientists believe that zombie fires are the remnants of fires on the surface, but we have identified an alternative cause.”

Why lead paint makes signs last: a toxic legacy | BLAG Magazine

“Since I first came to be interested in ghost signs and their longevity, I've always heard the refrain that this was due to the lead in the paint. However, while not doubting the truth of the claim, I'd never received a satisfactory explanation for why that might be the case. Until now. In a casual conversation, Jill Strong let slip that she has a PhD in polymer photochemistry. I didn't hesitate to put the lead question directly to her, resulting in this in-depth exploration of the material, its properties and, of course, the major hazards associated with it.”

Dice Cream - Taste tomorrow today: The future of ice cream has arrived [Partner]

Welcome to the forefront of dessert innovation where robotics, AI, and ice cream merge into a flavorful, futuristic experience. The Dice Cream autonomous ice cream parlor isn’t just a machine; it’s the beginning of a dessert revolution. Engineered for efficiency in high-traffic venues, this technology promises not only to enhance profitability but also to captivate imaginations. They’re even workshopping a new AI feature that plans to provide curated recommendations for customers based on preferences, making the dessert experience all the more delectable. Want to make it a reality? Get shares today starting at $250 and enjoy bonus shares for any investment of $1,500 or more. [Ad]

Our glorious galaxy stars in Milky Way photo competition | New Atlas

“The seventh annual Milky Way Photographer of the Year collection has been released, featuring ever more stunning shots of our home galaxy, contrasted against our home planet. This year’s gallery is sure to inspire awe and just a touch of existential dread.”

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