Don’t steal from national parks, lest you get cursed

Plus, Drake, Kendrick… step aside.
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Welcome To The Futurist
Welcome To The Futurist

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A round-the-world sailing race will collect valuable ocean data | Axios

“This coming winter, up to 40 sailors will set off from western France on a daring solo round-the-world race — several armed with sensors meant to collect valuable ocean data. The planned course will take the competitors into parts of the open ocean rarely visited or analyzed, making the race a prime opportunity to collect information useful for studying climate change and more. … For this running — and through a longstanding partnership with UNESCO — several boats will be equipped with sensors gathering data such as atmospheric pressure, ocean temperature, and carbon levels.”

Epilog - Autopilot isn’t just for planes anymore [Partner]

You automate your home, your bills, even your coffee machine. So, why stop there? With Epilog’s SideCar, you can even upgrade to self-driving. This revolutionary tech transforms standard cars into self-driving sidekicks, ready to take the wheel while letting commuters everywhere reclaim their time. If you weren't already on board with the whole automation thing (and seriously, why make life harder than it already is?), now’s the perfect moment to dive into the future of smart tech and driving. Invest today for just $3.03 per share. [Ad]

I made a bad mistake | Letters of Note

“Each year, countless visitors to Arizona’s Petrified Forest National Park ignore the stark warnings at its boundaries, spiriting away roughly 12 tons of its ancient, fossilized wood and stones — invaluable fragments of prehistory that rarely reappear. But some are returned, accompanied, more often than not, by a written apology that is soon archived in the park’s museum alongside hundreds of other ‘conscience letters.’ Tales of remorse, guilt, and superstition can be found in these notes, with many confessing to a series of misfortunes and inexplicable bad luck since taking the petrified wood. Some speak of ruined relationships, financial disasters, and persistent health issues, attributing their woes to the stolen relics. These heartfelt pleas for forgiveness and the desperate return of the stolen pieces have become an unexpected and poignant part of the park’s history.”

Canva’s rap battle is part of a long legacy of Silicon Valley cringe

“You thought the hottest rap battle of the summer was between Kendrick Lamar and Drake. You were wrong. It’s between Canva and an enterprise CIO. At its Canva Create event last week, Canva unveiled its new enterprise offerings. But few people would be talking about that if not for an unexpected rap battle that took place 45 minutes into the presentation. … Some compared it to the satirical HBO show Silicon Valley or the ‘L to the OG’ song from Succession. But for Canva, that was kind of the point. Enterprise software is inherently boring, so why not spice it up?”

Mobile Pixels - The webcam your computer wishes it had | [Partner]

True, most computers these days come with cameras, but they pretty much do the bare minimum and nothing beyond that. And in a world dominated by digital media and remote work, shouldn’t you have a decent webcam at your disposal? This one is fully integrated with AI features like swivel tracking and auto-focus plus HD 1080p resolution. Click into your next group call or interview with confidence — and way better video quality for under 60 bucks. [Ad]

New Star Wars show The Acolyte's sets were so big and detailed, the actors needed a map to get around and were literally ‘tripping on mushrooms’ | GamesRadar

“Star Wars may be known in recent years for using The Volume — a near-360° LED-backed soundstage that creates virtual green screen landscapes — but its latest series, The Acolyte, was intent on making things look and feel as real as possible. To that end, The Acolyte crew built large practical sets, led by the philosophy of creator and showrunner Leslye Headland, who told GamesRadar+ that she "[didn’t] want to shoot on The Volume". That involved going above and beyond – especially with the lush, green planets that have become a staple for adventures in a galaxy far, far away.”

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