Webinar: Introducing the Blueshost Website Builder

  • Webinar: Introducing the Blueshost Website Builder

    Building a website for the first time can be frustrating. Knowing how to use the right tools to help your idea come to life can be overwhelming, but all that is about to change. Introducing the Bluehost Website Builder, a website creation tool that allows you to build a website with no coding or technical knowledge! Tune in to learn how the new Bluehost Website Builder can help you create a stunningly professional site in no time at all!

    Users are able to visually click, drag and drop content to build a home page and additional pages of their website all while being able to access the full power, flexibility and tools of WordPress. Regardless if you're a newbie or an old pro to WordPress, the Bluehost Website Builder is an essential tool to use when creating a stunningly professional website.

    0:00 - Intro
    4:20 - Why WordPress?
    5:44 - What are the benefits of a builder?
    8:15 - What are the use cases for the Bluehost Website Builder
    12:00 - How to install the Bluehost Website Builder
    13:30 - Home page creation using AI templating
    23:55 - How do I setup my menus within the Bluehost Website Builder
    24:40 - How do I create a blog within the Bluehost Website Builder?
    26:30 - How do I edit my content using Mix Mode?
    33:40 - How do I add a store?
    43:17 - Q&A

    Get started building your site with the Bluehost Website Builder today! https://www.bluehost.com/website-builder