ChatGPT is people

plus: Big Google Maps news.
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In today's edition:

// Nuclear fusion

// The first commerical space station

// Burning water

Microsoft just made a huge, far-from-certain bet on nuclear fusion | The Verge

"Nuclear fusion, often called the Holy Grail of energy, is a potentially limitless source of clean energy that scientists have been chasing for the better part of a century. A company called Helion Energy thinks it can deliver that Holy Grail to Microsoft by 2028. It announced a power purchase agreement with Microsoft this morning that would see it plug in the world's first commercial fusion generator to a power grid in Washington. The goal is to generate at least 50 megawatts of power — a small but significant amount and more than the 42MW that the US's first two offshore wind farms have the capacity to generate today."

What is ClickUp?

It's the ultimate productivity tool. With ClickUp, you can — excuse the joke — turn TBD into EOD. (Don't lie, you kind of liked it.) You can automate sprints and routine tasks, streamline communication in one workspace, and recover cash spent on multiple work apps. Seriously, this one tool can do it all — Tasks, docs, whiteboards, dashboards, goals, and more! And we know you're probably using a different tool, but you can trust us. Give ClickUp a shot. [Ad]

Vast and SpaceX plan to launch the first commercial space station in 2025 | Tech Crunch

"Another company is racing to launch the first commercial space station. Vast is partnering with SpaceX to launch its Haven-1 station as soon as August 2025. A Falcon 9 rocket will carry the platform to low Earth orbit, with a follow-up Vast-1 mission using Crew Dragon to bring four people to Haven-1 for up to 30 days. Vast is taking bookings for crew aiming to participate in scientific or philanthropic work. The company has the option of a second crewed SpaceX mission."

ChatGPT is powered by human contractors getting paid $15 per hour | Gizmodo

"ChatGPT, the wildly popular AI chatbot, is powered by machine learning systems, but those systems are guided by human workers, many of whom aren't paid particularly well. A new report from NBC News shows that OpenAI, the startup behind ChatGPT, has been paying droves of U.S. contractors to assist it with the necessary task of data labeling — the process of training ChatGPT's software to better respond to user requests. The compensation for this pivotal task? $15 per hour."

How to get the perfect cup of coffee | Cometeer

"Our proprietary technology allows flavor and aroma compounds to be extracted with unprecedented precision. Cometeer coffee consistently achieves optimal total dissolved solids count (A/K/A amazing flavor) and extraction levels. Basically, it's a level of brewing perfection great baristas aspire to. We achieve it consistently, in every cup." [Ad]

A rare look at dying brains could finally explain near-death experiences | Inverse

"As people die, their brains are widely believed to stop working. However, near-death experiences are common across the world, and experiments have found that dying lab animals experience bursts of brain activity. Now, scientists have revealed they detected the same kind of brain signals in dying comatose patients in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The new study, the most detailed yet on the dying human brain, may shed light on mysterious phenomena such as near-death experiences."

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//Science Quiz: Which element got its name from the water it makes when burned?

Which element got its name from the water it makes when burned?

And no, there isn't an element called "ouch, it's boiling, ouch."