Male fertility crisis

plus: AI is getting too good at being bad.
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In today's edition:

// Hope in the fight against brain tumors

// Europe’s largest 3D-printed building

// Constellations

This gel stops brain tumors in mice. Could it offer hope for humans? | The Hub @ Johns Hopkins

“Medication delivered by a novel gel cured 100% of mice with an aggressive brain cancer, a striking result that offers new hope for patients diagnosed with glioblastoma, one of the deadliest and most common brain tumors in humans. ‘Despite recent technological advancements, there is a dire need for new treatment strategies,’ said Honggang Cui, a Johns Hopkins University chemical and biomolecular engineer who led the research. ‘We think this hydrogel will be the future and will supplement current treatments for brain cancer.’”

We live in a content world and we are just content girls (and boys) | Paramount+

Admit it, you’ve been very curious about the Yellowstone spin-offs, 1883 and 1923 — after all, your co-workers and aunt won’t shut up about them. Or maybe you wanted to watch every episode of one of the funniest sitcoms of all time, Frasier (or even Happy Days or any number of great comedies). Maybe, just maybe, you’re finally going to get around to both The Good Wife and The Good Fight. Well, now you can and you really, really should because, to steal a phrase from a great critic, Paramount+ “owns bones.” [Ad]

Only 140 hours needed to put together ‘Europe’s largest 3D-printed building’ |

“Construction is underway for what is being billed as ‘Europe’s largest 3D-printed building’ in the southern German city of Heidelberg. Once completed, it will be 55 meters long, 11 meters wide, and 9 meters high and will house a data center. The construction work normally carried out by dozens of human workers is done by a gigantic robot that prints layers and layers of concrete on top of each other. The entire process is expected to take just 140 working hours.”

Google unveils plan to demolish the journalism industry using AI | Futurism

We touched a bit on this in yesterday’s edition, but here’s more on it: “At its annual I/O in San Francisco this week, [Google] finally lifted the lid on its vision for AI-integrated search — and that vision, apparently, involves cutting digital publishers off at the knees. Google's new AI-powered search interface, dubbed "Search Generative Experience," or SGE for short, involves a feature called "AI Snapshot." Basically, it's an enormous top-of-the-page summarization feature. Ask, for example, "why is sourdough bread still so popular?" — one of the examples that Google used in their presentation — and, before you get to the blue links that we're all familiar with, Google will provide you with a large language model (LLM) -generated summary.”

What is ClickUp?

It’s the ultimate productivity tool. With ClickUp, you can — excuse the joke — turn TBD into EOD. (Don’t lie, you kind of liked it.) You can automate sprints and routine tasks, streamline communication in one workspace, and recover cash spent on multiple work apps. Seriously, this one tool can do it all — Tasks, docs, whiteboards, dashboards, goals, and more! And we know you’re probably using a different tool, but you can trust us. Give ClickUp a shot. [Ad]

How pollution is causing a male fertility crisis | BBC Future

“Male infertility contributes to approximately half of all cases of infertility and affects 7% of the male population. However, it is much less discussed than female infertility, partly due to the social and cultural taboos surrounding it. For the majority of men with fertility problems, the cause remains unexplained – and stigma means many are suffering in silence. Research suggests the problem may be growing. Factors including pollution have been shown to affect men's fertility, and specifically, sperm quality – with potentially huge consequences for individuals, and entire societies.”

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//Space Quiz: Castor and Pollux are in what constellation?

Castor and Pollux are in what constellation?

Prediction: Castor and Pollux will be huge baby names in 2024.