How to talk to Google’s AI

Plus: the EPA's new rules.
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Welcome To The Futurist
Welcome To The Futurist

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In today's edition:

// The TSA

// The EPA

// The biggest asteroid

TSA tests facial recognition technology to boost airport security | Associated Press

"A passenger walks up to an airport security checkpoint, slips an ID card into a slot and looks into a camera atop a small screen. The screen flashes 'Photo Complete' and the person walks through — all without having to hand over their identification to the TSA officer sitting behind the screen. It's all part of a pilot project by the Transportation Security Administration to assess the use of facial recognition technology at a number of airports across the country."

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The Juice has pulled nearly 17,000 resources for subscribers to access without giving away your info, helping you boil the ocean of resources down to what you're looking for. It consolidates an overwhelming sea of resources online into a single, navigable place. The Juice also recommends relevant resources based on peer input, saving you more time and energy. [Partner]

EPA announces new rules to get carbon out of electricity production | Ars Technica

"Today, the Biden administration formally announced its planned rules for limiting carbon emissions from the electrical grid. The rules will largely take effect in the 2030s and apply to gas- and coal-fired generating plants. Should the new plan go into effect, the operators of those plants will either need to capture carbon or replace a large fraction of their fuel with hydrogen. The rules will likely hasten coal's disappearance from the US grid and start pushing natural gas turbines to a supplemental source of power."

'Google, how do I ask your AI the right questions?' | The Verge

"A few weeks ago, my spouse and I made a bet. I said there was no way ChatGPT could believably mimic my writing style for a smartwatch review. I'd already asked the bot to do that months ago, and the results were laughable. My spouse bet that they could ask ChatGPT the exact same thing but get a much better result. My problem, they said, was I didn't know the right queries to ask to get the answer I wanted."

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To live on Mars, human architecture has to combine science and sci-fi | Inverse

"The kinds of structures future explorers might live in on other planets may be more critical to space exploration than sci-fi depictions of cities and homes in a galaxy far, far away suggest. As NASA's desire for long-term human space colonization comes to fruition with planned crewed missions to Mars, establishing safe and well-made human settlements for life off-Earth is one of the agency's most urgent tasks."

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//Space Quiz: What is the name of the largest asteroid in our solar system?

What is the name of the largest asteroid in our solar system?

No, it's not the one in Armageddon.