The biggest cosmic explosion ever seen

Plus: How to sleep on Mars.
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In today's edition:

// Italy v. AI

// Sleeping on Mars

// String theory

Italy allocates funds to shield workers from AI replacement threat | Reuters

"Italy on Monday earmarked 30 million euros ($33 million) to improve the skills of unemployed people as well as those workers whose jobs could be most at risk from the advance of automation and artificial intelligence. According to the Fondo per la Repubblica Digitale (FRD), set up in 2021 by the Rome government to boost the digital skills of Italians, 54% of those aged 16-74 lack basic digital skills, compared with an average 46% in the European Union."

Growth isn't easy | ChainVine

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Sleeping will be one of the challenges for astronauts on Mars missions | CNN

"Astronauts have been adjusting to the challenges of sleeping in space for years — and the lessons learned from their zero gravity slumbers will ensure that one day the first crewed missions to Mars will have gotten enough rest before exploring the red planet."

Biggest cosmic explosion ever seen: 100x the width of our solar system | New Atlas

"The universe is full of extreme events – stars go supernova with some regularity, black holes swallow objects with powerful burps, and cosmic collisions give off so much energy they distort the very fabric of space and time. But this new event is more energetic than anything else ever seen. Designated somewhat anticlimactically as AT2021lwx, the explosion has been visible since 2020 in the constellation Vulpecula, about 8 billion light-years away."

Get in shape with the latest trends and tech | Fitt Insider

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Your DNA can now be pulled from thin air. Privacy experts are worried | Seattle Times

"Over the past decade, wildlife researchers have refined techniques for recovering environmental DNA, or eDNA — trace amounts of genetic material that all living things leave behind … But what if someone set out to collect human eDNA on purpose? New DNA collecting techniques are 'like catnip' for law enforcement officials, says Erin Murphy, a law professor at the New York University School of Law who specializes in the use of new technologies in the criminal legal system. Police have been quick to embrace unproven tools, including using DNA to create probability-based sketches of a suspect."

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//Space Quiz: Which is a hypothetical string theory weightless particle?

Which is a hypothetical string theory weightless particle?

You'll have to click below to see your options.