Long-COVID fatigue recovery

Plus: Instant deep sleep? Yes, please
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In today's edition:

// Computer brains

// Hibernation

// COVID fatigue

// EV design

https://www.inverse.com/tech/electric-cars-light-bar-status-symbol-hyundai-ford-hummer | Inverse

"The light bar, for those uninitiated to our new era of EV design language, is the modern take on traditional headlights or taillights. Instead of the more pedestrian dual-light setup — a pair of bug eyes fixed on the front or back of your car — the light bar is, well, a bar. If you've been paying attention to almost any modern EV you've almost certainly seen the light bar's aesthetic impact in action."

Deep, sweet, luxurious sleep | Saatva

Nothing — and we mean nothing — compares to the feeling of finally getting the kind of sleep your body needs. That feeling after an intense 60-hour (or more) work week, complete with five days straight of walking on a treadmill desk, doing boxing classes, and raising three kids, when you get to the mattress and pass out for eight straight hours. However, your mattress is old and needs an upgrade, doesn't it? Get the sleep you truly deserve, plus save $600 on the best mattress around for Memorial Day. [Ad]

Scientists develop powerful 'pulses' that can induce immediate 'hibernation' – and it could help us explore space | Independent

"Scientists have developed new ultrasound technology that can induce immediate 'hibernation' ... They suggest that it could work in humans – and might have important applications for long-distance space flight or medicine, they say."

Researchers may have found a way to treat long-COVID fatigue | Interesting Engineering

"Newcastle University researchers have shed light on one of the most common side effects of COVID-19: fatigue. They may indeed have a treatment for this debilitating condition. They have begun a new study to test the effectiveness of a TENS machine to alleviate fatigue in patients with long COVID. This device is most commonly used in childbirth to alleviate pain."

Don't be a fool, join The Fool | Motley Fool

Founded in 1993 by brothers Tom and David Gardner, The Motley Fool helps millions of people attain financial freedom through our website, podcasts, books, newspaper column, radio show, and premium investing services. They believe that investing is empowering, enriching, and fun. Let The Motley Fool guide you on your journey to financial independence. [Ad]

The FDA will apparently let Elon Musk put a computer in a human's brain | The Verge

"Elon Musk's brain-computer interface company Neuralink says it has received Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval to launch its first in-human clinical study. If this is true, it means that actual humans could be getting a device from Neuralink implanted in their heads. The news follows Elon Musk's November claim that Neuralink was about six months away from its first human trial — which suggests it's the rare Musk promise that's actually coming true on time."

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Approx. how much does the sky weigh?

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