The sun, close up

Plus: Eating razorblades
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In today's edition:

// Fresher vegetables

// Octopus inspo

// Look to the sun

// Bingin' it

Octopus-inspired ink can change color on demand | New Atlas

"Scientists have created a new light-activated ink that can change color on demand. It's made up of microbeads of different colors that rise or sink in response to different wavelengths of light so that its surface appears as a specific color, which could be useful for new electronic displays or active camouflage systems."

Enjoy news without any bias | 1440

1440 is the daily newsletter helping over 2 million Americans stay informed — it's news without motives, edited to be unbiased as humanly possible. The team at 1440 scours over 100 sources so you don't have to. Culture, science, sports, politics, business, and everything in between all in a five-minute read each morning, 100% free. [Ad]

Preserving freshness: Edible CBD coating prolongs shelf life of fruits | Interesting Engineering

"We all know the feeling – you bring home a pack of your favorite fruit, only to be met with disappointment when you discover that it has already started to go bad. It's frustrating, right? To combat this, researchers in Thailand have come up with a remarkable solution. They have developed an invisible, edible coating made with cannabidiol (CBD) that can significantly extend the shelf life of fruit."

These new telescope images of the sun are just spectacular | Mashable

"A new solar telescope in Hawaii has released a series of images of the sun that peer inside the depths of its sunspots and so-called 'quiet regions.' The sun may be close to 94 million miles away in space. But with the Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope, funded by the National Science Foundation, it seems as if astronomers are able to gaze at the life-giving star under a microscope."

It's time to be a hero | Drizly

The grill is fired up and everyone is having a good time when, suddenly, someone says the worst thing you can hear at a Memorial Day barbecue: "We're out of beer." You could go to the store but what if there's a line? What if that one store doesn't have what you need so you have to go to another, then another? Next thing you know, everyone is thirsty and bored, and all the fun you could have had was ruined by the fact that you poorly decided it was a good idea to leave to get more drinks. Luckily, there's a perfect solution. [Ad]

Bing Search is coming to ChatGPT | Engadget

"ChatGPT no longer needs to rely on its own models or plugins to provide information to users: Microsoft has announced Bing Search is integrating into ChatGPT to provide more relevant — and potentially newer — responses. Bing will act as the 'default search experience,' allowing ChatGPT to pull answers from the internet and provide citations."

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//Quiz: True or false: The human stomach can dissolve razor blades.

True or false: The human stomach can dissolve razor blades.

We don't recommend trying it yourself to find out.