Be like Spain

Plus: A teaspoon of neutron star
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In today's edition:

// Longer life

// Fewer brands

// Big batteries

// Spain

Consumers battling cost of living crisis are choosing affordability over brand loyalty | Yahoo! Life

"Affordability is the leading concern for 35 percent of global consumers today, according to new survey data from EY, increasing by 10 percent since October 2022. EY's Future Consumer Index surveyed more than 21,000 consumers across 27 countries to understand consumer sentiment and behaviors with 94 percent reporting that rising living costs are a concern. The concern is presented in shifts in purchasing habits and many say they are losing trust in retail and consumer product companies."

It's time to be a hero | Save the day with Drizly

The grill is fired up and everyone is having a good time when, suddenly, someone says the worst thing you can hear at a Memorial Day barbecue: "We're out of beer." You could go to the store but what if there's a line? What if that one store doesn't have what you need so you have to go to another, then another? Next thing you know, everyone is thirsty and bored, and all the fun you could have had was ruined by the fact that you poorly decided it was a good idea to leave to get more drinks. Luckily, there's a perfect solution. [Ad]

An auto CEO came very close to saying the right thing about heavy EV batteries | The Verge

"US automakers are relying on supersized batteries to power their equally supersized EVs — namely, all the electric trucks that will soon flood the US market. Car companies (perhaps rightly) assumed that the best way to sell America's truck-loving population on plug-in power is to electrify a bunch of pickups. And big trucks need big batteries to justify big range to address anxiety any truck buyers may have about switching sides to electric … This is not sustainable. Bigger batteries, longer range, heavier trucks … these are not the hallmarks of the sea change the auto industry is trying to sell us on."

Spain has produced enough renewable energy to power its entire country for a 9-hour work day | Business Insider

"Spain is among a handful of countries leading the world in the push toward renewable energy. And last week it reached a new milestone. Energy generated from wind, sun, and water managed to meet the needs of mainland Spain from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, El Pais reported."

Quick and easy path to smartness | Subscribe to Refind now

The key to growth isn't turning your entire life around and growing 1,000% in one day. It's about growing 1% every day because before you know it, you'll be 365% smarter by the end of the year. That's where Refind comes in — they curate links to expand your mind and make you just a little smarter every single day. It's pretty great. [Ad]

Scientists just extended the lifespan of lab mice by giving them less oxygen | Inverse

"For those who want to live forever, there's no shortage of research looking tirelessly for that elusive pause button. Pharmaceutical drugs currently on the market, like metformin, are already showing some progress. But here's one you might not have expected: oxygen restriction. According to a study published Tuesday in the journal PLoS Biology, while it may seem counterintuitive, breathing less of the essential element we need to survive may extend our twilight years, at least in mice."

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//Quiz: Approximately how much would a teaspoon of neutron star weigh?

Approximately how much would a teaspoon of neutron star weigh?

Think of it as a teaspoon of sugar but a little heavier.