What will replace the ISS?

Plus: Rick Dalton's in the 60s
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In today's edition:

// New ISS, who dis?

// RNA v. pancreatic cancer

// Solar-powered airships

// ChatGPT might actually be dumb

BioNTech’s RNA vaccine sparks potential in pancreatic cancer | Pharmaceutical Technology

“Results published in Nature for a personalized pancreatic cancer vaccine that uses neoantigens from patients’ tumors have lent further support to early positive signals. The vaccine, developed by BioNTech, led to half of the patients with pancreatic cancer in the Phase I trial remaining cancer-free 18 months later.”

How to make your life better with AI | AI Tool Report

AI doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, it can help you do things like have more free-time or help you automate your life. You can use prompts to help you plan how to learn a new skill or utilize a tool that will streamline your business so that you can have time to do things like creative work and make more money. AI can help, we swear, and this is how. [Ad]

Solar-powered airships could help climate-friendly air travel get off the ground | Anthropocene

“Flying is the most climate-unfriendly mode of transportation, yet demand for air travel is projected to continue to increase in the coming decades. Researchers are working on replacing jet fuel with sustainable fuels, hydrogen, or battery-powered airplanes, but such technologies aren’t ready for wide-scale use.”

AI expert says ChatGPT is way stupider than people realize | The Byte

“Robotics researcher and AI expert Rodney Brooks is arguing that we've been vastly overestimating OpenAI's large language models, on which its blockbuster chatbot ChatGPT is based on. In a terrific interview with IEEE Spectrum, Brooks argues that these tools are a lot stupider than we realize, not to mention a very far cry from being able to compete with humans at any given task on an intellectual level. Overall, he says, we're guilty of a lot of sins of poorly predicting the future of AI.”

The newsletter, evolved | The Smithee Letter

It’s time for a new kind of newsletter. The Smithee Letter marries exciting brands with a strong, fascinating, winding, and strange fictional narrative. It tells the story of a salesperson on the run from dangerous people supporting themself the only way they know how — an old-fashioned sales letter. Think: Twin Peaks meets Cormac McCarthy meets Mad Men (only when Don is “riding the rails” at the end of season 7) with a sense of danger and dark humor. The story is fictional, the brands are real. Subscribe by clicking below because “Smithee” needs you to save them. Please save “Smithee.” [Ad]

What will replace the International Space Station? | BBC Future

“In Earth orbit, the hope is that new commercial space stations will take the place of the ISS. Nasa has already outsourced the transportation of humans to low Earth orbit to companies SpaceX and Boeing in the US. It has also begun awarding contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars to companies to develop new space stations. These could become small research laboratories or destinations for space tourists, maintaining humanity's presence in orbit around our planet.”

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//Quiz: What is a group of old stars closely packed in a symmetrical form called?

What is a group of old stars closely packed in a symmetrical form called?

And no, it’s not “a pool party at Rick Dalton’s house in the ‘60s.”