An uninsurable America

Plus: Alien v. rock-n-roll
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In today's edition:

// Bees

// Alien (1979)

// Side-hustle transformation

// The Vision Pro

Researchers create new robotic bee with full freedom of movement | Interesting Engineering

“A new robot affectionately called Bee++ can fly around with a full six degrees of freedom, marking an incredible advance in miniature robotics that has the potential to help with everything from artificial pollination to search and rescue operations. The robot, developed by a team of researchers at Washington State University (WSU), has four wings made out of carbon fiber and mylar and a lightweight actuator to control the wing. It is the first robot of its kind to fly stably in all directions, according to a WSU statement, including the twisting motion known as yaw — typically the hardest for robots to manage successfully.”

How to make your life better with AI | AI Tool Report

AI doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, it can help you do things like have more free-time or help you automate your life. You can use prompts to help you plan how to learn a new skill or utilize a tool that will streamline your business so that you can have time to do things like creative work and make more money. AI can help, we swear, and this is how. [Ad]

Will people fall in love with their chatbot? | Psychology Today

“Along with the excitement and potential benefits of AI-driven conversational agents, questions arise regarding their reception and impact on society. One crucial aspect is the emotional connection that humans may develop with these AI applications. Humans are social beings, and the need for emotional connection and companionship is deeply ingrained in our nature. The prospect of developing emotional bonds with AI-powered conversational agents raises ethical and psychological considerations.”

‘I wore the Apple Vision Pro. It’s the best headset demo ever’ | The Verge

“I just walked out of a long demo session with Apple’s new $3,499 Vision Pro headset, which the company announced at WWDC 2023 as ‘the world’s most advanced consumer electronics device.’ It’s ... a really really nice VR headset with impressive displays and video passthrough. And I mean incredibly impressive displays and video passthrough: I was happily using my phone to take notes while wearing the Vision Pro, something no other headset can realistically allow.”

Learn marketing for free in just 5 minutes every morning | Growth Daily

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Climate change is already making parts of America uninsurable | Vox

“State Farm announced last month that it will not accept any new applications for business or personal property and casualty insurance in [California]. The company, accounting for 20 percent of bundled home insurance policies and 13 percent of commercial policies in California, said it was facing ‘historic increases in construction costs outpacing inflation, rapidly growing catastrophe exposure, and a challenging reinsurance market.’ It will still keep existing policyholders on its books for now, but the announcement signals that risks are growing beyond what State Farm, a company worth $131 billion at the end of 2022, can bear.”

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//Quiz: In Alien (1979), the blue laser lights used in the alien ship's egg chamber were borrowed from which band?

In Alien (1979), the blue laser lights used in the alien ship's egg chamber were borrowed from which band?

Imagine that concert. The chest-bursters had a great time.