Better than Ozempic

Plus: Lightning
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In today's edition:

// Your best friend

// Ozempic

// Lunar mining

// Finland

Why Finland plans to double its foreign workforce | Welcome to the Jungle

"Faced with a population crisis, Finland is pulling out all the stops to entice expats with the objective of doubling the number of foreign workers by 2030 … The Finnish population is on track to start declining by 2034. The country has seen less than 50,000 births a year for four years in a row, and according to a report by Statisca Finland, 'The forecast indicates that despite a projected increase in overall life expectancy, the working age population (aged 15 to 64) — which currently makes up 62 percent of Finland's total population — will decrease to 60 percent by 2040 and 57 percent by 2060.'"

Save up to $2,000 on all flights for life | Dollar Flight Club

Let's say you've always wanted to travel to Copenhagen but now that you have a family (and yes, they'd come too), it's expensive to travel. When you sign up for Dollar Flight Club, you'll add your nearest airports, and the moment an affordable flight — sometimes up to 90% off — to Copenhagen comes up, you'll be notified. It's that simple and effective and affordable. [Ad]

NASA aims to perform lunar mining trial within 10 years | Interesting Engineering

"NASA's Artemis missions and its upcoming lunar Gateway station project are part of its plans to establish a permanent presence on the Moon. Key to that will be the extraction of resources from the lunar surface, and NASA has already taken important steps toward mining moon soil by 2032 … At the end of the month, the US space agency will perform a key step in its plans by sending a test drill rig to the Moon."

Beyond Ozempic: brand-new obesity drugs will be cheaper and more effective | Nature

"Two new drugs for treating obesity are on course to become available in the next few years — and they offer advantages beyond those of the highly effective blockbuster drugs already on the market. The first, called orforglipron, is easier to use and to produce, and it will probably be cheaper than existing treatments. The second, retatrutide, has an unprecedented level of efficacy, and could raise the bar for pharmacological obesity treatment."

Upgrade your side hustle to full-time hustle | LoopGenius

So, what is LoopGenius, exactly? Let's say you have an online store that sells high-quality pet clothes and matching adult human clothes but you're having a hard time getting people to your site. With LoopGenius, in just 30 seconds, you can have a landing page ready. Then, based on your product, you can use AI to help instantly connect you with the perfect audience. And guess what? LoopGenius is free to use. If you're aiming for financial freedom and a thriving side hustle, LoopGenius might just be your secret weapon. [Ad]

Can your dog live longer? | Woof News

"We are simply looking at treating age-related diseases as a broad, preventative, category, rather than approaching diseases one by one after they have manifested themselves. Deteriorating metabolism leads to age-related metabolic disease and dysfunction. Kidney disease. Diseases of the muscle like sarcopenia. Diabetes and obesity. As dogs age rapidly, you can observe these changes, and target metabolic aging pathways to prevent all of these and more."

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//Quiz: What inorganic molecule is produced by lightning?

What inorganic molecule is produced by lightning?

You know what they say: Inorganic molecules are never produced in the same place twice.