Metal from magma

Plus: Your Arrector Pili is showing
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In today's edition:

// Anti-fungal vaccine

// Piping-hot magma

// Breast cancer survival rate

// The AI race

Billionaires and bureaucrats mobilize China for AI race with U.S. | Bloomberg

"Billionaire entrepreneurs, mid-level engineers and veterans of foreign firms alike now harbor a remarkably consistent ambition: to outdo China's geopolitical rival in a technology that may determine the global power stakes. Among them is internet mogul Wang Xiaochuan, who entered the field after OpenAI's ChatGPT debuted to a social media firestorm in November. He joins the ranks of Chinese scientists, programmers and financiers — including former employees of ByteDance Ltd., e-commerce platform Inc. and Google — expected to propel some $15 billion of spending on AI technology this year."

Save up to $2,000 on all flights for life | Dollar Flight Club

Let's say you've always wanted to travel to Copenhagen but now that you have a family (and yes, they'd come too), it's expensive to travel. When you sign up for Dollar Flight Club, you'll add your nearest airports, and the moment an affordable flight — sometimes up to 90% off — to Copenhagen comes up, you'll be notified. It's that simple and effective and affordable. [Ad]

Huge leap in breast cancer survival rate | Nature

"The number of people who die after a breast cancer diagnosis has decreased by two-thirds since the 1990s, a study of more than half a million women in England has shown. The research has taken ten years to complete, says Carolyn Taylor, lead author of the study and an oncologist at the University of Oxford, UK. The analysis includes the 512,447 women in England who were diagnosed with early invasive breast cancer between January 1993 and December 2015; the researchers tracked the women until December 2020 using data from the National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service."

How volcano magma could help meet green economy's demand for metal | The Guardian

"Volcanic magmas are rich in metals, with active volcanoes such as Mount Etna in Italy releasing about 20 tonnes of copper and 10kg of gold a day in volcanic gases. Extracting metals from volcanic gas is implausible, but mining it from the underlying hot magmatic brines does have real potential. Metals are super-concentrated in these brines and the hot fluids could be used to produce geothermal power, potentially making the mining process carbon neutral."

Upgrade your side hustle to full-time hustle | LoopGenius

So, what is LoopGenius, exactly? Let's say you have an online store that sells high-quality pet clothes and matching adult human clothes but you're having a hard time getting people to your site. With LoopGenius, in just 30 seconds, you can have a landing page ready. Then, based on your product, you can use AI to help instantly connect you with the perfect audience. And guess what? LoopGenius is free to use. If you're aiming for financial freedom and a thriving side hustle, LoopGenius might just be your secret weapon. [Ad]

Inside the race to create the world's first anti-fungal vaccine | Inverse

"Climate change is expected to heat the planet and shift weather patterns, altering not only where we can live but where other species can thrive, too. The shift in temperature will alter where different species of fungi live — and potentially make it easier for some to survive in the human body. In fact, climbing temperatures are the most immediate factor influencing the rise in fungal infections."

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//Quiz: The Arrector Pili muscles are responsible for what phenomenon?

The Arrector Pili muscles are responsible for what phenomenon?

We couldn't find a GIF for this question that didn't give away the answer, so enjoy we found instead.