Electronic skin

Plus: Earth, the sun, and you
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In today's edition:

// When Earth gets too hot

// All-female Mars crew when?

// Coinbase woes

// How to level up your side hustle

More investment in solar than oil in 2023 | CleanTechnica

"'Clean energy is moving fast — faster than many people realise. This is clear in the investment trends, where clean technologies are pulling away from fossil fuels,' says IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol. 'For every dollar invested in fossil fuels, about 1.7 dollars are now going into clean energy. Five years ago, this ratio was one-to-one. One shining example is investment in solar, which is set to overtake the amount of investment going into oil production for the first time.'"

Make that money | LoopGenius

Transform your side hustle into a thriving venture with LoopGenius. In just 30 seconds, generate a vibrant landing page, target your perfect audience, and let our AI-powered Loops do the heavy lifting of customer attraction, all with a simple click. [Ad]

Should future Mars missions have all-female crews? | Space.com

"This argument is backed up by numerous scientific studies that cite the fact that an all-female crew would consume fewer resources than an all-male crew would, making the long-distance journey to Mars more efficient. However, many experts say this argument is no longer relevant and that a diverse crew would ultimately perform better."

Electronic skin that can sense everything similar to the human skin | NerdyInfo

"Researchers from Stanford have developed soft & stretchable electronic skin based on the sensory operational ability of real skin. Thus paving a great pathway for technological innovation where humans and machines coexist in a production line, along with a ray of hope for those with prosthetic limbs."

Treat hair loss & grow a fuller head of hair with Happy Head® topical finasteride solution | Happy Head

Why should you try Happy Head? Let us count the ways:

1. Get clinically-proven hair growth medicines formulated by a board-certified dermatologist
2. Concierge service with your assigned dermatologist to make any custom formula adjustments or answer any questions
3. Custom topical treatments made to suit your needs
4. Free shipping in discreet packaging to your door
5. Results in 3 to 6 months with our money-back guarantee [Ad]

Coinbase chief legal officer expects new crypto laws to come in wake of SEC lawsuits | TechCrunch

"Coinbase, the second-largest crypto exchange globally, is pushing for regulatory clarity in the crypto ecosystem, even as it's fighting some legal battles of its own. The SEC sued Coinbase for securities laws violations on Tuesday, just one day after the SEC sued Binance, the world's largest crypto exchange. In April, the SEC issued a Wells notice to Coinbase, in a 'preliminary determination' to recommend that the agency file an enforcement action against the company for alleged 'violations of the federal securities law.' Leading the charge is Coinbase's Chief Legal Officer Paul Grewal, who himself was busy this week testifying before Congress."

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//Quiz: Approximately how long will it be until it's too hot for us to live on Earth?

Approximately how long will it be until it's too hot for us to live on Earth?

Hopefully, it's not too short of a time…