How to exercise in smoky air

Plus: A scientific process quiz
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In today's edition:

// Ammonia-powered trucks

// Tidying robots

// Lung cancer deaths down 50%

// How to workout in smoke

This unlikely fuel could power cleaner trucks and ships | MIT Technology Review

“I’d asked to climb aboard the tractor to get a look inside of one of the only vehicles in the world that can run using a surprising fuel: ammonia. The chemical is typically used for fertilizer, but a New York–based startup, called Amogy, is developing technology that can help it power electric tractors, trucks, and even ships.”

Treat hair loss & grow a fuller head of hair with Happy Head® topical finasteride solution | Happy Head

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Teaching robots to tidy up based on user preferences using large language models | TechXplore

“Different people tend to have unique needs and preferences — particularly when it comes to cleaning or tidying up. Home robots, especially robots designed to help humans with house chores, should ideally be able to complete tasks in ways that account for these individual preferences. Researchers at Princeton University and Stanford University recently set out to personalize the assistance offered by home robots using large language models (LLMs), a class of artificial intelligence models that are becoming increasingly popular after the release of ChatGPT.”

Can I exercise in poor air quality? Here's what's safe — and dangerous — to do right now | Inverse

“If you live in the northeast or have been following the news, you may have noticed an eerie pall of haze hanging in the air. This uncanny glow is wildfire smoke that blew in from Canada. While pollution is nothing new to cities, air quality has reached historically bad, even dangerous levels that many people living in these areas have yet to experience. The best way to deal with these conditions is to stay indoors, windows shut.”

Make that money | LoopGenius

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Scientists intrigued by pill that cuts lung cancer deaths in half | Neoscope

“In a development that scientists have reportedly called ‘thrilling’ and ‘unprecedented,’ a decade-long global study has shown that a once-daily pill reduces the risk of dying from lung cancer by over half. Taken after tumor-removal surgery, the drug, known as osimertinib, was shown in the study — published Monday in The New England Journal of Medicine — to lessen the risk of patient death by 51 percent worldwide. As it probably goes without saying, that's a huge deal — and researchers certainly aren't taking it lightly.”

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//Quiz: What do you call the immediate conversion of solid matter to gas without having to pass through the liquid state?

What do you call the immediate conversion of solid matter to gas without having to pass through the liquid state?