Frozen rat organ transplants

Plus: Mountain peak trivia
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In today's edition:

// Hit songs

// Rat organs


// Insulin pills

Insulin grown in lettuce can be taken orally | Freethink

"Using a device called a "gene gun," University of Pennsylvania researchers blasted human insulin genes into lettuce cells, past the tough plant cell walls. The genes then integrated with the lettuce genome, and the plants ended up producing insulin using human genes. The researchers then freeze-dried the lettuce, ground it up, and made the powder into a pill that can be stored and transported at room temperature. When fed to diabetic mice, the plant-based insulin regulated the rodents' blood sugar levels within 15 minutes, without causing them to fall too low. Mice treated with insulin injections, meanwhile, often saw their blood sugar levels quickly drop, leading to temporary hypoglycemia."

Feed your need for creativity and originality | The Smithee Letter

Today, newsletters are obsessed with marketing, business, media, AI (yes, even we're guilty) and a lot of newsletters are starting to look and feel exactly the same as every other newsletter out there. Until now. The Smithee Letter tells a compelling, winding, absurd, dark, funny story wrapped around a sales letter that you need to engage with to help keep the main character, an enigmatic salesperson on the run, alive and moving. It's different, it's strange, it comes out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Don't miss out because there's nothing like it. [Ad]

MDMA changes the brain — but scientists still don't know its full potential | Inverse

"Whether you call it ecstasy, molly, or even just "E," MDMA is very likely to be legally approved to treat post-traumatic stress disorder in the United States by the country's top medical authority, the Food and Drug Administration, by the end of 2024. It's a welcome if perhaps overdue move. Study after study shows MDMA can be used as a powerful therapeutic drug, and it may even treat other brain conditions, like anxiety and eating disorders."

Scientists successfully unfroze rat organs and transplanted them — a 'historic' step that could someday transform transplant medicine | STAT

"The rat kidney was peculiarly beautiful — an edgeless viscera about the size of a quarter, gemstone-like and gleaming as if encased in pure glass. It owed its veneer to a frosty, minus 150-degree Celsius plunge into liquid nitrogen, a process known as vitrification, that shocked the kidney into an icy state of suspended animation. Then researchers at the University of Minnesota restarted the kidney's biological clock, rewarming it before transplanting it back into a live rat — who survived the ordeal."

Does your health and fitness need help? | Nutrisystem

It's okay to admit when you need a little help on your health and fitness journey. That's why Nutrisystem is here for you. After all, 75%-80% of weight loss is about what you eat, so let Nutrisystem take care of that for you. They have plans for men, women, couples, and people with dietary restrictions, so you really have no excuse not to try it. Get to where you want to be, get Nutrisystem. [Ad]

Brain data analysis predicts hit songs with near-perfect accuracy | Technology Networks

"Anticipating chart-topping songs has always been challenging. However, scientists have recently leveraged machine learning (ML) coupled with high-frequency neurophysiological data to significantly enhance the accuracy of hit song predictions. This cutting-edge combination demonstrated near-perfect accuracy in predicting hit songs based on neural responses of individuals while they were listening to new music. The next generation of pop tracks may arrive optimized for the brain."

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//Quiz: What mountain peak is farthest from the center of the earth?

What mountain peak is farthest from the center of the earth?

Time to test out your mountain trivia knowledge.