Green lightning on Jupiter

Plus: Carbs
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In today's edition:

// New dinosaurs

// Robot surgeons

// Jupiter lightning

// Earth's tilt

Humans are pumping out so much groundwater that it's changing Earth's tilt |

"[Between 1993 and 2010], humans removed 2,150 gigatons of water from natural reservoirs in the planet's crust. If such an amount was poured into the global ocean, its surface would rise by 0.24 inches (6 millimeters). A new study has now revealed that displacing such an enormous amount of water has had an effect on the axis around which the planet spins."

Transform your side hustle | LoopGenius

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New duck-billed dinosaur baffles scientists with its epic world travel | New Atlas

"Scientists have been able to name a new species of dinosaur that roamed the river plains of Chile's Patagonia some 72 million years ago. From more than 100 fossils painstakingly excavated from a site near tourist hub Torres del Pain, in Chile's south, researchers from the Chilean Antarctic Institute (INACH) and the University of Chile have finally been able to determine that the bones belonged to not just several animals but that they were a new, more ancient species of hadrosaur."

Alien green flash: Lightning crackles in vortex near Jupiter's north pole |

"During its 31st such flyby, on Dec. 31, 2020, Juno captured a great shot of the greenish glow from a lightning strike inside a swirling vortex near Jupiter's north pole. The spacecraft was just 19,900 miles (32,000 kilometers) above the planet's cloud tops at the time, NASA wrote in a description of the image, which the agency released on Thursday (June 15)."

Foot pain no more | Kuru Footwear

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Robot surgeons provide many benefits, but how autonomous should they be? | The Guardian

"Neil Thomas wished he could have been awake during the operation to remove a 6cm cancerous tumour from his colon … Thomas's surgeon, James Ansell, would once have stooped over his patient's body to perform the operation. Instead, he stood behind a console on another side of the theatre wearing 3D glasses. His hands grasped two joysticks, which controlled the four robotic arms that huddled around Thomas's unconscious body."

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//Quiz: What salivary enzyme helps digest carbohydrates in the mouth?

What salivary enzyme helps digest carbohydrates in the mouth?

That enzyme must hate keto diets because it has (almost) nothing to do!