Quantum computer - 1. Regular old supercomputer - 0

Plus: Measuring light's intensity
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In today's edition:

// Anti-aging chemicals

// Antihistamine vs. MS

// Google’s Reddit problem

// Quantum computers’ latest leap

Machine learning algorithm identifies three natural anti-aging chemicals | US Today News

“Researchers have identified three compounds that could counteract aging using a machine learning model. They say their approach could be a powerful tool for identifying new drugs, particularly for complex diseases ... They developed a machine learning model and trained it to recognize the key characteristics of chemicals with senolytic properties. The model training data came from multiple sources, including academic papers and commercial patents, and was integrated with compounds from two existing chemical libraries that contain a broad range of FDA-approved or clinical-stage compounds.”

The world of RAID is expanding

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Over-the-counter antihistamine repairs nerve damage caused by MS | New Atlas

“A new study has found direct evidence that an over-the-counter antihistamine can repair the protective nerve sheath that’s damaged in people with multiple sclerosis. The researchers also identified a biomarker that can be used to measure the drug’s effectiveness, opening the door to a potential new treatment for the debilitating disease.”

Google is getting a lot worse because of the Reddit blackouts | The Verge

“Over 8,000 subreddits have gone dark to protest Reddit’s upcoming API changes, and it’s shown me just how much I rely on Reddit to find useful, human-sounding information in my Google search results. With Google’s generally poor search results nowadays, appending ‘reddit’ has long been the default way I search for almost anything (and no, I’m not ready to get my info from an AI chatbot, either). But given the sheer volume of subreddits that are currently unavailable — including some of the most-subscribed subreddits — clicking through many Reddit links in search results takes me to a message saying the subreddit is private.”

Transform your side hustle | LoopGenius

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IBM's Eagle quantum computer just beat a supercomputer at complex math | Interesting Engineering

“IBM's Eagle quantum computer has outperformed a conventional supercomputer when solving complex mathematical calculations. This is also the first demonstration of a quantum computer providing accurate results at a scale of 100+ qubits, a company press release said.”

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//Quiz: What unit is used to measure the intensity of light?

What unit is used to measure the intensity of light?

“Wait, you can measure light but I’m not allowed to count how much gasoline comes out of a gas tank when I siphon it?” ~ Charlie Kelly, probably