The Beatles reunion

Plus: Nauts from around the world
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In today's edition:

// Funeral for the living

// Beatles reunion

// GPT 3.5 vs. GPT-4

// Magic shrooms

Funeral home startled when body in coffin turns out to be alive | Neoscope

"Imagine preparing for a funeral — only to discover your loved one isn't actually dead. That was apparently the case in the city of Babahoyo, Ecuador over the weekend, where, as the Associated Press reports a 76-year-old woman who'd been declared dead after a stroke gasped for air when her coffin was opened."

The world of RAID is expanding

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GPT-3.5 vs GPT-4: Is ChatGPT Plus worth its subscription fee? | ZDNet

"I've been using the latest version of OpenAI's large language model (LLM) GPT-4 since it was released. The only way to access the text-input capability through OpenAI is with a subscription to ChatGPT Plus, which guarantees subscribers access to the language model at the price of $20 a month. If you're looking for accurate written answers to your questions, I've found this paid-for service is much better than the first mass public previous version, GPT-3.5."

Sir Paul McCartney says artificial intelligence has enabled a 'final' Beatles song | BBC

"Sir Paul McCartney says he has employed artificial intelligence to help create what he calls 'the final Beatles record.' He told BBC Radio 4's Today program the technology had been used to 'extricate' John Lennon's voice from an old demo so he could complete the song. 'We just finished it up and it'll be released this year,' he explained. Sir Paul did not name the song, but it is likely to be a 1978 Lennon composition called Now And Then."

The newsletter, evolved | The Smithee Letter

The newsletter is finally evolving, a newsletter that marries exciting brands with a strong, fascinating, fictional narrative. Think: Twin Peaks meets Cormac McCarthy (R.I.P.) meets Mad Men (but only when Don is "riding the rails" at the end of season 7) with a sense of danger and dark humor. The story is fictional, the brands are real. Subscribe by clicking below because "Smithee" needs you to save them. Please save "Smithee." [Ad]

After blowing up crypto industry, exec turns to magic mushrooms | The Byte

"Wondering what Su Zhu and Kyle Davies, the crypto hedge fund managers widely credited as the first major domino to fall in last year's devastating crypto crash, have been up to since the collapse their now-defunct firm led to the vaporization of about one trillion dollars? As they told The New York Times in a newly-published profile, they've never been on the lam. No sir! They've just been meditating, surfing, and taking psychedelic mushrooms on Balinese rooftops. Naturally."

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