Clippy’s back

Plus: The hottest planet ever
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For those of you in the U.S., we hope you had a relaxing holiday. Because we had a few days off, we decided to do something different today. Enjoy!

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In today's edition:

// Clippy

// Apple 9-1-1

// Mountains

// Alien life

Climate change causes a mountain peak frozen for thousands of years to collapse | Live Science

"Part of a Swiss mountain's summit has collapsed, sending more than 3.5 million cubic feet (100,000 cubic meters) of rock crashing into the valley below. The incident was likely a result of thawing permafrost — and scientists have warned similar events are to be expected as climate change causes ancient frozen ground to degrade."

Time to skill up | Datacamp

If you're trying to level up your career or side-hustle, learning to master data and code is probably a great place to start. Instead of being displaced by AI, learn how to tame it and master it. Learn how to program and code beautiful apps and websites. Learn data management and be the person who runs the AI, the not the person the AI runs. There's a bright future out if you want it, you just have to learn it. [Ad]

Alien life could be hiding in these 4 weird places in our solar system | Inverse

"When it comes to the search for life in our Solar System, most of our attention is focused on Mars. While not very hospitable now, it once looked a lot like Earth, and thus could potentially had simple life. But several recent studies have found encouraging signs of life in some very unusual places, from the frigid methane seas of Titan to the clouds of Venus, and from the deep dark oceans of Enceladus to the cold deserts of the Moon."

Apple iPhones are calling 911 when owners go dancing | The Byte

"Local authorities in Coffee County, Tennessee saw a huge spike in 911 calls at the music festival Bonnaroo after countless iPhones started mistaking dancing for car crashes. A feature dubbed Crash Detection, which was introduced in the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro and the latest Apple watches last year, is designed to alert the authorities if it detects sudden and forceful movements. The idea is to help somebody out in the case of an emergency such as a mountain bike crash or car collision."

Why you should read The Merge

In air combat, aerial warfighters engage with enemy aircraft by steering their plane toward the adversary. This concept is called "going to the merge." It's also an incredibly unique and engaging newsletter. There's a reason people in the Pentagon and Congress read the Merge. They get weekly knowledge bombs on the intersection of defense business, technology, and industry happenings — with a sprinkle of history, policy, and strategy — delivered with fighter pilot wit. That's why we at The Futurist love it, we get a weekly sneak peek into the most intense tech sector there is: Defense. Go to The Merge each week, we dare you. [Ad]

Clippy is back in a new, unauthorized Windows AI app | PC World

"Clippy by Firecube uses Microsoft's animated paper clip, Clippy (known as Clippit to purists), as a front end for ChatGPT 3.5, the AI chatbot developed by OpenAI. Although the app refers to Clippy by name, the full text description of the app immediately identifies it as "Not by Microsoft" to presumably fend off any lawyers that might be sniffing about the app. Firecube has a good reputation as a developer who looks deeply into new Windows code for unpublicized features."

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//Quiz: What is the hottest known exoplanet?

What is the hottest known exoplanet?

This planet is so hot… ("How hot is it!?") It's so hot, that you'll have to click to see what it is and just how hot it is.