A very cold accent

Plus: A robot pilot
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In today's edition:

// The Antarctic accent

// That big X glitch

// Robot pilot

// ‘AI-brained’ satellite

New 'AI-brained' Chinese satellite has just been launched | Interesting Engineering

“A Chinese commercially-produced rocket has delivered a package of satellites to orbit, including a cutting-edge AI-powered satellite called "WonderJourney," reports the South China Morning Post (SCMP). Named after a famous Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi who first described the concept of the "universe," the new satellite is said to be able to process data in situ rather than back at ground control. The ultimate aim of the new satellite is to produce fully autonomous spacecraft in the future.”

Elite performance and longevity, powered by your data | Fount

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Introducing PIBOT, the world's first humanoid robot pilot | New Atlas

“The difference between these robot pilots and the one developed by researchers at the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) is that PIBOT, the newest robot designed to fly a plane, uses AI technology and is a humanoid. It’s the humanoid part that makes it a world first.”

X glitch wipes out most pictures and links tweeted before December 2014 | The Verge

“X, which was formerly known as Twitter until its recent rebranding, is having a problem displaying old posts that came with images attached or any hyperlinks converted through Twitter’s built-in URL shortener. It’s unclear when the problem started, but it was highlighted on Saturday afternoon in a post by Tom Coates, and a Brazilian vtuber, @DaniloTakagi, had pointed it out a couple of days earlier.”

You deserve timeless style, don’t you think? | Perk Clothing

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Scientists witnessed the birth of a new accent in Antarctica | IFLScience

“‘The study shows that if you isolate a group of individuals, then they will begin to show the beginnings of a new spoken accent whose form depends to a large extent on the accent characteristics of the speakers that went into the mixture,’ Harrington told IFLScience. ‘We'd expect the same thing to happen if astronauts ever went on a mission to Mars.’”

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