Dawn of a new climate industry

Plus: Flying into storms
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In today's edition:

// Pig blood

// The Webb telescope

// Gamma rays

// Climate industry

Young pig’s blood reverses aging bio markers in old age rats | BioRXiv

“Young blood plasma is known to confer beneficial effects on various organs in mice and rats. However, it was not known whether plasma from young pigs rejuvenates old rat tissues at the epigenetic level; whether it alters the epigenetic clock, which is a highly accurate molecular biomarker of aging.”

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Webb space telescope just peered deep into a famous nebula | Inverse

“Nestled some 2,500 light-years away in the Ring Nebula, a star is in the last throes of its life.


And as it dances with a companion star, at probably the same distance apart as Earth is to Pluto, the dying star releases the last parts of itself in the shape of grand arches and concave circles. Thanks to the new James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), which began to take science observations just last summer, astronomers are gaining an intimate and never-before-seen look at the Ring Nebula.”

Scientists pilot NASA plane into storms to study gamma rays | Interesting Engineering

“An international collaboration of researchers has flown a special plane belonging to NASA into thunderstorms to study the vast energetic fields and gamma rays they emit, a press release said. The collaboration, which consisted of researchers from the University of Bergen (Norway), the US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), and three other NASA centers, logged 60 hours of flights over a period of a month.”

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The dawn of a new climate industry | Heatmap

“What does the new American climate policy look like? Last week, we got a better sense. On Friday, the Biden administration unveiled a massive investment — more than $1.2 billion — that aims to create a new industry in the United States out of whole cloth that will specialize in removing carbon from the atmosphere.”

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