Death by climate

Plus: Equilibrium
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In today's edition:

// Apple using 3D printers

// Decentralized social network

// Climate deaths

// Dark matter

A global group of researchers have developed a decentralized messaging software they say is immune to hacking, or government surveillance and monitoring | TechXplore

“...researchers at bKash Limited, Syracuse University and other institutes worldwide recently developed Quarks, a new, decentralized messaging network based on blockchain technology. Their proposed system, presented at the 10th IEEE International Conference on Cyber Security and Cloud Computing (CSCloud), and now published in the conference proceedings, could overcome the limitations of most commonly used messaging platforms, allowing users to retain control over their personal data and other information they share online.””

Elite performance and longevity, powered by your data | Fount

Fount brings elite-level performance optimization and longevity strategies to you, without the gimmicks or hype. Leveraging proven methods based on our work with Special Operations and top-tier athletes, we analyze your bloodwork, wearable data, and lifestyle factors to craft tailored plans. Our focus encompasses sleep, nutrition, custom supplements, hormone balance, longevity, and stress resilience. Begin a 4-month comprehensive life transformation starting at $2,499/mo. [Ad]

Apple tests using 3D printers to make devices in major manufacturing shift | Bloomberg

“Apple Inc. is testing the use of 3D printers to produce the steel chassis used by some of its upcoming smartwatches, according to people with knowledge of the matter, heralding a major change to how the company manufactures products.”

Dead stars could hold the secrets of dark matter | Inverse

“In a recent paper (which has not yet been peer-reviewed), Queen’s University astrophysicist Joseph Bramante and Indian Institute of Science theoretical physicist Nirmal Raj suggest that physicists could learn more about dark matter by watching how it behaves in the intense gravity of neutron stars: the burned-out cores of massive stars. Dark matter has mass, so it has its own gravity – but it’s also affected by the gravity of other matter, which means that dark matter passing close to a neutron star should get sucked in just like regular matter. And by studying the unseen effects of dark matter on neutron stars, Bramante and Raj say we could learn more about what dark matter is and how it works.”

Admit it: You want to write a book | Just Write Your Damn Book Already

Great! That's what Just Write Your Damn Book Already! is for. It's a printable guide designed to help you turn off your brain and just. Get. It. Done. From brainstorming to cover doodling and marketing, JWYDBA! is a fun and comprehensive workbook designed to get you from idea to vomit draft to full-fledged author. Oh, and it's affordable! Whether it's for you or your friend who won't shut up about their idea for a great sci-fi novel but also won't seem to write it, get Just Write Your Damn Book Already! because it's great and wonderful and it helps. [Ad]

Scientists warn 1 billion people on track to die from climate change | Science Alert

“A recent review of 180 articles on the human death rate of climate change has settled on a deeply distressing number. Over the next century or so, conservative estimates suggest a billion people could die from climate catastrophes, possibly more.”

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//Quiz: What is the temperature and pressure at which a substance can exist in equilibrium in the liquid, solid, and gaseous states called?

What is the temperature and pressure at which a substance can exist in equilibrium in the liquid, solid, and gaseous states called?

Well, what is it?