Thousands of war robots

Plus: How to finish writing a book
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In today's edition:

// AI on Google Meet

// Decentralized social network

// Hypersonic spaceflight

// Autonomous war robots

Aurora spaceplane concept looks like an Area 51-style ‘black jet,’ and it could revolutionize hypersonic spaceflight by 2030 | The Debrief

“However, its defense and research applications are evident, as AURORA will be capable of reaching any orbit inclination and is already being touted as a potential solution for hypersonic reconnaissance and a variety of other defense applications.


While AURORA will be designed to function as an unmanned aircraft, POLARIS says it will offer an optional upgrade of its spaceplane that will facilitate human transport, enabling flights capable of carrying passengers for research and training purposes and a range of other potential spaceflight missions.”

Admit it: You want to write a book | Just Write Your Damn Book Already

Great! That's what Just Write Your Damn Book Already! is for. It's a printable guide designed to help you turn off your brain and just. Get. It. Done. From brainstorming to cover doodling and marketing, JWYDBA! is a fun and comprehensive workbook designed to get you from idea to vomit draft to full-fledged author. Oh, and it's affordable! Whether it's for you or your friend who won't shut up about their idea for a great sci-fi novel but also won't seem to write it, get Just Write Your Damn Book Already! because it's great and wonderful and it helps. [Ad]

U.S. military plans to unleash thousands of autonomous war robots over next two years | TechXplore

“The United States military plans to start using thousands of autonomous weapons systems in the next two years in a bid to counter China's growing power, US Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks announced in a speech on Monday.”

Astronomers find a massive crater on a tiny world beyond Pluto | Inverse

“Sometime in our Solar System’s past, a 500-mile-wide ball of rock called 2002 MS4 was peacefully drifting through the Kuiper Belt, minding its own business, when something smashed into its northern hemisphere.


The collision blasted out a crater slightly deeper than — and twice as wide as — the one left by the meteor that killed the dinosaurs here on Earth. Astronomers recently spotted it as they watched the tiny world pass in front of a densely star-spangled background. It’s the first big crater astronomers have ever seen in the remote outer reaches of our Solar System, and it could be a hint that dwarf planets have more eventful pasts than we’ve realized…”

What is Liquid I.V.?

Liquid I.V. is America’s #1 powdered hydration brand known for its great-tasting electrolyte drink mixes. Every Liquid I.V. product is made with an optimal ratio of glucose, sodium, and potassium to deliver water and key nutrients directly to your body faster and more efficiently than water alone. The result? Feel better. Faster. Enjoy convenient, on-the-go hydration with Liquid I.V.’s single-serving packets. Just pour one easy-to-open stick into 16 oz of water, mix or shake, and hydrate. [Ad]

Google Meet’s new AI will be able to go to meetings for you | The Verge

“If Google Meet’s new AI tools are as good as advertised, you might never need to pay attention to another meeting again — or even show up at all. At its Cloud Next conference today, Google revealed a handful of new AI-powered features coming soon to Meet.”

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//Quiz: Who first proposed the concept of contact lenses?

Who first proposed the concept of contact lenses?

No, they haven’t been around since the dawn of man.