A perfect storm

Plus: The fastest-growing plant species
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In today's edition:

// Hurricane Idalia

// The Blob

// China’s space station

// Sulfur on the moon

Chandrayaan-3 adds finding sulfur to its list of Moon firsts | Interesting Engineering

“India's Chandrayaan-3 rover has officially confirmed the presence of sulfur and other elements on the south pole of the Moon, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) reported. Tasked with finding frozen water as its primary mission, this new discovery is also important and a great achievement for the Indian team.”

Admit it: You want to write a book | Just Write Your Damn Book Already

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65 years ago, an iconic sci-fi monster movie imitated a bizarre real-life species | Inverse

“The Blob, whose origin of species is never explored, may seem quixotic but actually resembles an earthly slime mold, which also eats by capturing snacks in a process called phagocytosis — but on the microscopic scale. But even if we don’t have any real extraterrestrial plasms on Earth, The Blob bears some resemblance to one of the stranger creatures on our planet. In a way, it is a slime mold movie. After all, slime mold may be the closest we ever get to a real Blob.”

Amazing satellite video shows China's space station come together in Earth orbit | Space.com

“HEO Robotics specializes in non-Earth imaging, meaning using space-based sensors to acquire images of objects of interest in orbit such as satellites. The firm released images demonstrating some of these capabilities on Aug. 30, showing step-by-step moves made by China to complete its three-module Tiangong space station.”

Elite performance and longevity, powered by your data | Fount

Fount brings elite-level performance optimization and longevity strategies to you, without the gimmicks or hype. Leveraging proven methods based on our work with Special Operations and top-tier athletes, we analyze your bloodwork, wearable data, and lifestyle factors to craft tailored plans. Our focus encompasses sleep, nutrition, custom supplements, hormone balance, longevity, and stress resilience. Begin a 4-month comprehensive life transformation starting at $2,499/mo. [Ad]

A blue supermoon and soaring ocean temperatures created a perfect storm for Hurricane Idalia | LiveScience

“Ocean temperatures this year have broken every record since satellite measurements began, especially in the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. Hurricanes draw energy from warm waters, and experts warned that Florida's bathtub conditions would likely strengthen storms and hurricanes coming the state's way … Another factor that may have powered flooding from Idalia is a rare blue supermoon rising Wednesday, which may raise tides above normal and boost seawater surging over the coastline. Supermoons intensify the gravitational pull on Earth, which may contribute to worse tidal flooding brought by the hurricane across Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.”

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//Quiz: What is the world’s fastest-growing plant species?

What is the world’s fastest-growing plant species?

Who knows, maybe you have some in your house?