Musk better have my money

Plus: Geigers
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In today's edition:

// Musk’s legal woes

// AI’s smell ability

// AI beats humans

// Russia’s moon dent

Crashed Russian mission left a crater on the moon, NASA images show | Reuters

“Russia's failed Luna-25 mission left a 10-meter wide crater on the moon when it crashed last month after a problem preparing for a soft landing on the south pole, according to images released by NASA.


Luna-25, Russia's first moon mission in 47 years, failed on Aug. 19 when it spun out of control and crashed into the moon, underscoring the post-Soviet decline of a once mighty space program.”

What’s in a watch? | Bulova

Some people might see a delicately designed piece of art on your wrist — vintage vibes with a modern twist. With the new Bulova Jet Star, they’ll see a beautiful timepiece inspired by its original 1973 design, complete with its bold shape and retro color details. The Jet Star is powered by the proprietary Precisionist 262kHz movement, a revolutionary 8-jewel quartz mechanism vibrating at a remarkable 262kHz, accurate to 5 seconds per month, with a sweeping seconds hand ... But you know what else they will see? A watch that can be passed down for generations, so that in 100 years — because of its impeccable design and timeless style — your family will still be showing off the Bulova Jet Star everywhere they go. Time is precious and so is the watch you choose. [Ad]

For the first time, AI dominates humanity's best in a real-world sport | New Atlas

“High-speed drone racing has just had a shocking ‘Deep Blue’ moment, as an autonomous AI designed by University of Zurich researchers repeatedly forced three world champion-level pilots to eat its dust, showing uncanny precision in dynamic flight.”

This AI system can analyse odor better than humans beings | Interesting Engineering

“The AI model outperformed each panelist for 53 percent of the compounds examined in the research. The model also succeeded at olfactory tasks it was not trained to do. ‘The eye-opener was that we never trained it to learn odor strength, but it could nonetheless make accurate predictions,’ said Mainland.”

The most comfortable socks you’ll ever wear | Bombas

Make the shift from summer to fall easy by keeping it super simple with classic colors of the most comfortable socks in the history of feet. Designed with built-in arch support, a blister-preventing tab, seamless toes and quick-drying yarns for less sweaty feet, these unsung heroes are the socks that are ready for anything. Make the staple socks designed to make your fall comfortable part of your wardrobe and with every item purchased, Bombas will donate one item to those experiencing homelessness. New users get 20% off with code FASCINATION20. [Ad]

Elon Musk refusing to pay severance to fired Twitter employees may be backfiring spectacularly | The Byte

“Since Elon Musk took over as CEO of X, formerly known as Twitter, the company has been a lawsuit magnet. There's that class-action suit in California by former employees who claim they weren't paid promised bonuses. Another claims the company hasn't ponied up $500 million in severance pay to employees who were laid off. Now add more than 2,200 arbitration cases, according to a complaint filed earlier this week in Delaware. All told, the social media giant is potentially on the hook for more than $3.5 million in filing fees, according to CNBC's estimate.”

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//Quiz: What is a Geiger Counter used to measure?

What is a Geiger Counter used to measure?

It counts designers, obviously.