Forget about 10,000 steps

Plus: Bytes in half
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In today's edition:

// 10,000 steps

// Green energy

// Immune systems in space


Research shows astronauts' immune systems falter in space | Interesting Engineering

“In a study involving 14 astronauts who spent extended periods aboard the International Space Station (ISS), scientists have uncovered the mechanisms behind the breakdown of the immune system in space. The research, published in the journal, Frontiers in Immunology, provides crucial insights into why astronauts are more susceptible to infections during their missions, revealing the weakening of their body's defense against pathogens.”

Why should you try Constant Contact?

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DARPA wants to modulate REM sleep for stress, trauma adaption | Sociable

“The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is looking to improve traumatic memory consolidation by modulating REM sleep for stress and trauma adaption.


This month, DARPA issued a Disruption Opportunity for a potential research program called ‘Rapid Eye Movement Restoration and Enhancement for Sleep-deprived Trauma adaptation’ (REM REST), which ‘aims to identify neural mechanisms and demonstrate the ability to modulate REM sleep that improves stress adaptation and traumatic memory consolidation.’”

US green energy law is turning out to be huge | Yahoo! Finance

“Inflation is moderating for other reasons, but a year after its passage, the IRA is shaping up to be immensely consequential anyway. The green energy portion of the bill — the biggest chunk — is the most aggressive effort to decarbonize the US economy ever. But it’s turning out to be even bigger than analysts thought at the time.”

Learn a new language and then learn literally everything else | The Unlimited Lifetime Learning Subscription Bundle

Learning a new language is just the tip of the self-development iceberg. What if you could do that and learn about almost anything else you want to learn? Imagine the possibilities! Imagine no more, because this bundle includes a Rosetta Stone lifetime subscription ($299 value) and a lifetime subscription to the ultimate course site, StackSkills ($450 value) all for $189.99. The time to grow is now so start by clicking below! [Ad]

Forget 10,000 Steps — scientists discovered the minimum steps needed to improve your health | Inverse

“A paper published today in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology analyzed 17 prior studies on daily steps and risk of death. If you want to be exacting about their conclusions, walking 2,337 steps daily was the threshold necessary to reduce the risk of death by cardiovascular diseases; 3,967 steps were needed to reduce the risk of death by any cause. Every additional 500 steps were associated with a 7-percent reduction in risk of death from heart disease, and every additional 1,000 steps with a 15-percent reduction in risk of all-cause death.”

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//Quiz: In computing, what is half of a byte called?

In computing, what is half of a byte called?

No, it’s not “what my roommate dared do to my sandwich which was clearly labeled with my name on my shelf in our fridge.”