The perfect shoe (per AI)

Plus: Hidden messages
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In today's edition:

// The sun’s bright lights

// AI shoe-shopping

// Volcano world

// Quantum superchemistry

First evidence of 'quantum superchemistry' observed in lab | Interesting Engineering

“In a significant advance, scientists have obtained the first proof of a phenomenon known as ‘quantum superchemistry.’ This effect was previously predicted but never actually observed in the laboratory. The University of Chicago researchers that led this experiment characterize quantum superchemistry as a ‘phenomenon where particles in the same quantum state undergo collectively accelerated reactions.’”

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Distant NASA spacecraft captures breathtaking views of volcano world | Mashable

“Hundreds of millions of miles beyond Earth lies a world teeming with lava. It's Jupiter's moon Io, and NASA just swooped phenomenally close to the Jovian satellite.

The space agency's Juno spacecraft, which has orbited the gas giant Jupiter for nine years, recently passed within just 13,700 miles of the tortured volcanic world, the most volcanic place in our solar system, and captured vivid imagery. For reference, our chalky moon lies some 239,000 miles from Earth.”

Can AI help me find the right running shoes? | CNET

“That search for the perfect combination has felt like a never-ending quest since I started running a couple years ago. Now, training for my very first marathon, the TCS New York City Marathon on Nov. 5, the stakes are higher than ever. So when I was offered the chance to try out Fleet Feet's new and improved shoe-fitting software that's powered by artificial intelligence, I went for it.”

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Scientists say the Sun has been shooting out super-bright light for years without anyone noticing | The Byte

“There's a ton of bizarrely-bright light shooting out of the Sun, scientists say — and it's been happening for years, right under our noses.

Astronomers out of Michigan State University have not only detected uber-energetic gamma rays coming out of the Sun but have also found way more of them than they expected. The new research, published in the journal Physical Review Letters, found that these rays themselves don't quite reach Earth, but their ‘telltale signatures’ are detectable — if you're using the right tools.”


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What is the practice of concealing a file, message, image, or video within another file, message, image, or video called?

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