Invasion of the Influencers

Plus, cosmic hotness.
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Tech Trivia:

Which constellation holds the hottest place in the universe?

Hint: South Beach, Miami, is not a constellation!


(Scroll to the bottom to find the answer)

A Personal Journey of Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition | Babson Thought & Action

“Entrepreneurship through acquisition, or ETA for short, is a different flavor of entrepreneurship in which entrepreneurs focus on growing an existing business, rather than launching a new one.”

Make all your followers jealous this fall | Dollar Flight Club

For all your holiday travel plans and beyond, DFC's Premium membership is a globetrotter's dream. From mistake fares to exclusive partner discounts, you can save thousands on domestic and international flights plus all those little extras for when you arrive at your destination. Better than that, you can save on a lifetime subscription through 9/24 and sign up for only $50, turbocharging this value like a jet engine. [Ad]

TikTok introduces a way to label AI-generated content | The Verge

“Like on other platforms, AI-generated material has spread rapidly on TikTok, both from its users and the company itself. AI voice cloning software has been used to create viral content like fairly convincing fake Drake songs or clips of fake Taylor Swift giving pep talks, racking up millions of views.”

Here Come the Glow-in-the-Dark Houseplants | Wired

“For Karen Sarkisyan, there are few things more awe-inspiring than a dark room full of glowing petunias. He wants more people to experience that magic and envisions a future lush with bioluminescent plants, like in the 2009 movie Avatar.”

Make travel easy — like, really easy | CALPAK

Imagine traveling without having to worry about your luggage, from packing to hauling it around the airport to worrying about it after you’ve checked your biggest piece. That’s exactly why the CALPAK Evry Starter Bundle exists. The Evry Starter Bundle features a carry-on, large check-in luggage, 3 packing cubes, 2 pouches, and 1 luggage tag. The Evry Starter Bundle is strong, impeccably made, and looks good. Look stylish at the airport, feel organized, and focus on the joy of getting there (almost) as much as the destination itself. [Ad]

Invasion Of Influencers Leads To Closure Of Cute Farm Road | Jalopnik

“Social media-driven travel has become the norm in recent years, with influencers flocking to beautiful destinations to create viral posts. The influx of unruly tourists overwhelming the infrastructure of small localities has significantly outweighed any financial benefit. An area of scenic Vermont has had enough and decided to close to a heavily visited road to everyone except residents for the height of the fall foliage season.”

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The correct answer: Virgo

The correct answer: Virgo

According to “There truly is a lot to explore within Virgo, as the large constellation measures over 1,200 square degrees in the night sky. Virgo contains many excellent sights, including 11 Messier objects — the most of any constellation except Sagittarius. This is because the constellation hosts the Virgo cluster, a large amalgamation of over 1,300 galaxies next to the Local Group, which our Milky Way belongs to. Some of these targets are visible with the naked eye, but for others, you'll want to check out our guides to the best binoculars and best telescopes for stargazing.”