Master of Puppies

Plus, epic handheld console.
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Tech Trivia:

What was the first handheld game console to ship with a color display?

Hint: It isn’t what you think it is!


(Scroll to the bottom to find the answer)

Severe vulnerability found in all browsers, and it's being attacked | PCWorld

“A severe vulnerability has been found in libwebp, a code library used to render webp images, reports Stack Diary. Webp is a popular image format used by many sites on the Internet – but also by apps and some other software that use web views – and the vulnerability can be used, among other things, to run malicious code on affected devices. Worse yet, it is reportedly being actively exploited by malicious attackers.”

How to sound less like a tourist and more like a local | Babbel

Want to turn your cringe-worthy foreign flubs into conversations you can be proud of? First turn to Babbel. Developed by people who actually know their "hola" from their "holla" (we're talking about linguists), Babbel's lessons cover 14 languages and over 10,000 hours of content with a focus on IRL speech, not just conjugations and vocab lists. A lifetime subscription to this wildly popular and well-reviewed app is on limited-time price drop to $169.97 through 9/24. [Ad]

‘It's something we've caused’: Giant fissures are opening up in the US | IFLScience

“Giant fissures have been appearing in the ground across the southwest US. In southcentral Arizona alone, 272 kilometers (169 miles) of these cracks have been mapped, while they have also appeared in Utah, California and Texas. The cracks are not natural formations, according to Joseph Cook of the Arizona Geological Survey, who told Insider that ‘it's something we've caused to form’. Subsidence, where the ground is displaced, is generally the result of humans trying to get water out of the ground, causing it to compress and become unstable.”

Google removes ‘Written by People’ from suggestions for websites | Gizmodo

“Google quietly removed the suggestion that the text of a website should be ‘written by people’ from its guidance for site owners who want to do better in search results, a change first spotted by Search Engine Land. The change will likely accelerate the deluge of AI-generated content that’s already beginning to spread across the web, in part thanks to tools that Google itself is building.”

Unlock the power of the top 3% | Toptal

Looking for top-tier talent to elevate your projects? Dive into Toptal’s exclusive network and discover the crème de la crème of freelancers in software, design, and more. With Toptal, you don't just hire freelancers; you partner with industry experts. Say goodbye to prolonged hiring processes and hello to instant matches with the top 3% talent pool in their fields. Why settle when you can have the best? [Ad]

Dog runs away from home, sneaks into Metallica concert at SoFi Stadium | ABC7

“After a few days of online outrage over a dog owner purportedly leaving their pup at SoFi, Metallica updated the story, posting on Instagram and saying: ‘Despite reports to the contrary, our friend Storm snuck out of her home adjacent to SoFi Stadium and made her way to the gig all by herself. After a full night taking in the show with her Metallica Family, Storm was safely reunited with her actual family the next day.’”

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The correct answer: Atari Lynx

The correct answer: Atari Lynx

According to Wikipedia: “The Atari Lynx is a hybrid 8/16-bit fourth-generation hand-held game console released by Atari Corporation in September 1989 in North America and 1990 in Europe and Japan. It was the first handheld game console with a color liquid-crystal display. Powered by a 16 MHz 65C02 8-bit CPU and a custom 16-bit blitter, the Lynx was more advanced than Nintendo's monochrome Game Boy, released two months earlier.”