Sci-fi transportation in Japan

Plus, Urban Photo Awards winners.
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Welcome To The Futurist
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Cosmic Trivia:

How many craters are on the moon?

Hint: Way more than you might think!


(Scroll to the bottom for the answer!)

The ultra-efficient farm of the future is in the sky | Wired

“Five stories off the ground at Colorado State University, a highly unlikely garden grows under a long row of rooftop solar panels. It’s late October at 9 am, when the temperature is 30 degrees Fahrenheit and the wind is cutting. Not long before my arrival, researchers had pulled the last frost-intolerant crops out of the substrate underneath the panels, a total of 600 pounds for the season. In their place, cool-season foods like leafy greens — arugula, lettuce, kale, swiss chard — still grow, shaded from the intense sunlight up here.”

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The Daleks to land once again on Doctor Who 60th Anniversary | BBC

“It’s time to encounter the Daleks once again, but this time in a way you’ve never seen them before. As part of the 60th anniversary celebrations of iconic series Doctor Who, one of the show’s most renowned tales is undergoing an out of this world update as it receives an artistic colourisation.”

There was a heavy dose of the future at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show | Ars Technica

“The latest trend in auto shows around the world is to convince us that they aren't auto shows. The car show is out and the mobility show is in, and that means different things for different markets. The Frankfurt International Auto Show, for example, is now IAA Mobility; it has moved to Munich and features loads of bicycles. The Japan Motor Show is now the Japan Mobility Show, but instead of bicyles, it's packed with surreal and sci-fi-ready ways to get you around, some of which are available now.”

The 70s are over. It’s time to digitize those old pics | StackSocial

Fancy a trip down memory lane? Those old photos you’ve got lying around aren’t much use sitting in boxes collecting dust. Transfer your cherished memories from the attic to your computer with a state-of-the-art scanner that digitizes both 50mm slide and film negatives. The easy-to-use device also lets you edit old snaps, adjusting the color and brightness to restore each moment to its former glory before sending it off to the digital world. Ah, the good ol’ days — now, in the present! Use code KODAK now through 11/9 to save $10. [Ad]

A colorful slice of city life: Winners of the Urban Photo Awards 2023 | New Atlas

“The winners of the Urban Photo Awards 2023 have been unveiled. It’s a collection of images that celebrate the diversity of city life, from the mundane to the extraordinary and everything in between. The jury announced the winners across the Single Photos and Projects and Portfolios sections, in addition to handing out many Honorable Mentions and Remarkable Awards. There was also a newly introduced Urban Press Award and, for the first time, the Urban Photo Arena, designed to display the talents of photographers under 35.”

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The answer: Millions!

The answer: Millions!

According to the LoveTheNightSky website: “There are 5,185 craters on the moon that are more than 12 miles across. Scientists estimate there are around 1,000,000 craters larger than half a mile across and over half a billion that are larger than 10m wide. A definitive answer is tough to arrive at, and not just because of the number involved. It’s hard to be categorical because you need to define what a crater is. Sure, when they’re several miles across it’s easy, but what about when they’re less than an inch across? Is that a crater, a zap pit, or just part of an undulating lunar surface?”