Big Socials flashback and look forward

Plus, what the future (may) hold.
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Welcome To The Futurist
Welcome To The Futurist

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No Trivia:

Instead of trivia, today we look forward to the way future



(Scroll to the bottom to find out when we’re going to get flying cars and robot dog-walkers!)

Get ready to greet the Geminid meteor shower! | Sky And Telescope

“August's Perseids may have the nicer weather but the Geminids have the numbers. No annual shower is richer. Up to 120 meteors per hour might be visible under ideal circumstances giving you plenty of opportunities to make a wish upon a (shooting) star. No Moon will trouble the view so this year's Gems should be a visual feast. … The annual flurry of meteors peaks at 19h UT (2 p.m. EST, 11 a.m. PST) on December 14th. Since this is the middle of the day for U.S. observers, the night of December 13–14 when the radiant stands highest in the pre-dawn hours will likely be best time to catch the shower's peak.”

MSCHF - What would you do with a million cash? [Partner]

The odds of winning the Two Million Dollar Puzzle are 150x better than playing the lottery jackpot. But like, that’s still ridiculous, right? A dream. A shot in the dark.


But also…what if you win a million dollars? What would you do? How would your life change?


You could handle inflation... for about 5 minutes.
You could finally take that trip to Bali and have cash left over.
You could pay off your student loans. From Bali, ofc.
You could afford to relax. Finally.


All this is only $29.99 away…  [Ad]

Flashback and look forward to what’s best on the web | StackSocial

Big Social is apparently in cahoots on when to roll out their 2023 recaps and 2024 trend reports, so we figured we'd wrap them all up in a Festivus bow for ya:

“With an 80% accuracy rate for the fourth year in a row, Pinterest Predicts is not based on guesswork or clairvoyance, but a blend of art and science that analyzes the billions of searches made on Pinterest each month.” // Drift Travel

“This year, Reddit has added 'Community Recaps,' which 'highlight the top posts, comments, and visitors unique to the subreddit,' according to a post from Reddit.” // The Verge »

“Instagram’s Trend Talk, which was conducted in partnership with WGSN, asked younger Instagram users about topics, issues, and trends that matter to the young generation.” // PetaPixel »

“Brands that will see most success on TikTok will regularly pique global curiosities, flip traditional story arcs, and deepen trust with their audiences.” // ChannelX »

Vote now for the Wildlife Photographer of the Year People’s Choice Awards | New Atlas

“Here’s your chance to play juror and vote in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year People’s Choice Awards 2023, a collection of 25 stunning photographs that shine a light on the beauty and brutality of the natural world.”

StackSocial - The upgrade your PC has needed for a long time [Partner]

Two things your computer needs: more apps and an upgrade. And no, we’re not talking about junk apps that just clog up your PC’s memory. We mean seven of the web’s highest-rated productivity apps and the latest operating system from Microsoft. Get software like Word, Excel, Publisher, and Access, and download them for life with no recurring fees. That means productivity in a classic, familiar format whenever you want, without any need for internet access or a cloud. With this bundle deal, you’ll also get Windows 11, the newest OS that’s been improved for security, accessibility, user interface — all that good stuff. And hey, remember Paint? Well, that got an upgrade, too; Windows 11 users now get to experiment with DALL-E through Microsoft Paint’s Cocreator feature. Get all there is to love about MS Office and Windows 11 on your PC now for only $50 for life! [Ad]

Uber Kicks Off Secret Santa Season With Gift Deliveries | The Messenger

“Uber released a new ‘Store Pickup’ option on Tuesday that promises to replace reindeers and sleighs this holiday season. Store Pickup allows customers to get gifts delivered to the doorsteps of their friends and family within the same day they placed an order, without ever driving to a store themselves. Uber says the feature could make the company a Secret Santa for holiday shoppers.”

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Wrapping it up with a couple of looks into the Far Future™

Wrapping it up with a couple of looks into the Far Future™

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