Rundown of everything 2023

Plus, amazing video of people doing amazing things.
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Welcome To The Futurist
Welcome To The Futurist

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Our special look back at 2023


2023 both gave to us and also took away

We had a lot of fun in 2023 learning and playing. Here’s a rundown of a few of the most notable things that happened in the world of tech and internet this year: Apple reveals most popular App Store apps and games of 2023. But, sadly, it wasn’t all fun and games. Some of us didn’t make it all the way through. In Memoriam: The tech that died in 2023. AI was definitely a huge part of a lot of news stories whether we liked it or not. Check out 5 ways AI changed the internet in 2023 and read what Microsoft’s founder has to say about it in The 2023 Gates Notes letter is all about AI. But we also let down our hair and blew off steam in typical fashion. Check out how goofy we can get about whatever happens in the world with the 2023: the year In memes.

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Not everything happened in the tech world. Things happened all over IRL too!

Poor D&D, always a bridesmaid and never a bride for the better part of the last 50 years. 2023 Should Have Been D&D's Best Year, Until It Wasn't . And the best part of most D&D campaigns? The food! But sadly, not this food. The 9 worst fast food items of 2023 . And there were lots of great reads that were not even closely related to any of the classic D&D manuals and reference volumes, at least according to 55 books Scientific American recommends in 2023 . We also got some cool rides to get us around in style The best cars I drove in 2023 (plus a few gripes) to get new stuff that companies thought we would like to see Our favorite (and least-favorite) brand collaborations of 2023 . And sadly, as with any year in our planet’s millions-of-years history, some of us didn’t make it out alive. We’ll see you in Valhalla, little fellas… These animals went extinct in 2023.

Our favorite babysitter also had a great year!

Whether as the centerpiece to a vibrant gathering of friends and family or the way we tuned out at the end of the day by tuning into our favorite binge, we had lots to keep us company all year long. Here were The 20 best TV shows of 2023 . And for the fellow nerds among us, escapism was never very far away when we could click to one of the 20 best sci-fi, fantasy, and horror TV shows of 2023.

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Plus, relax for a few minutes as we close the year with some astounding footage of people doing stuff

It’s in our nature to do fun stuff and share it with each other. Luckily so many of us have cameras to capture amazing things. Watch this brief montage and be inspired to find your own adventures in 2024.

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